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  • gregory samakande

    save the planet.wel im a bit by mysele here bt i love being a planeteer.ilove nature.
  • Tony Brendel

    Winston Salem
    I graduated Brevard College in 2009 with my Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education. Captain Planet may have not been my favorite TV show compared to spider-man or something, but it has impacted my decisions, outlook, and life through what it taught me when I was young!
  • Lukas Dettlinger

    Windsor, Ontario
    I revere and celebrate the Universe as the totality of being, past, present and future. It is self-organizing, ever-evolving and inexhaustibly diverse. Its overwhelming power, beauty and fundamental mystery compel the deepest human reverence and wonder. We, by extension are a part of this Universe, and we came from nature. We need to respect where we came from, all the while look into the future to what we may become.

  • Wenchi, Ghana
    26 years and a big fan of Captain Planet since childhood.
  • Shakiel Alex Abrahams

    Waterford, Ireland
    I was born in Cape Town, South Africa but now living in Republic of Ireland! I have always tried to do what i can to try and keep this beautiful planet of ours healthy and clean... even if its something as simple as picking up a piece of paper fluttering in the wind! I believe that we should learn to live in harmony with Mother Earth by only taking what we need and no more! I we do not look after our home, who will?
  • Cindy Narine

    Being a First Generation American and growing up watching Captain Planet, I was given the opportunity of insight in local and foreign issues. Recycling, creating less waste, increasing the use of natural products and even promoting political ideas such as voting and writing letters to companies and congressmen and women are some of the ideas that were taught to me at a young age. If this is the baseline for everyone in our generations, we can progress further in all aspects of society, creating a healthier and happier tomorrow.
  • Sabrina Patel

    Washington, DC
    When They Thrive, We all Thrive. Come Check us out at and join our online community at !
  • Walnut Creek, U.S.
    I'm for world gayness.
  • Simon Fellmann

    Vienna, Austria
    High...let's see how to explain myself best. I've lived out there in space, in the galaxy Nemesis or M81 like it's called I'm here, trapped in a human body. I seen many human civilizations, but most of them overcome their differences and work together. Sure, we have over 200 different cultures and many subspecies living here, so this Task may seems a little unrealistic here... But, there are ways and for us it would be to give up the money worldwide and follow the F.o.G.(Federation of Galaxies). I've seen that civilation which Gene Roddenbarry made his Star Trek of...and they had 140 cultures left, after thier World War III. Our Technologie is so far, that one single Nuklear Rocked could wipe out the intier planet in the following nuklear winter! So if we don't do something fast, one nation may start one of this rockets. Not finished yet, but soon...
  • Ahmed Husein

    Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • Dylan Fick

    Born: Trenton, NJ Raised: Destin, FL Finished Secondary School: Tennessee College: New College of Florida Activities: Tennis, Writing, Reading, Being Awesome Interests: Anthropology, Law, The Environment, Writing, Literature, Kayaking
  • tee major

    i love the teenage mutant ninja turtles, basically any show from the 90s :)
  • nura joseph

    i am homely and gentlei am homely and gentlei am homely and gentlei am homely and gentlei am homely and gentlei am homely and gentlei am homely and gentlei am homely and gentlei am homely and gentlei am homely and gentlei am homely and gentlei am homely and gentle
  • Margery Tinker

    United States, Wisconsin Dells
  • Jett Hillgrove

    United States, Wheeling
  • Marcela Maurice

    United States, West Warwick
  • Traci MacCullagh

    United States, Washington
  • Meagan Martins

    United States, Steubenville
  • Brooke Griffiths

    United States, Santa Ana
  • Fausto Mcgehee

    United States, Reno
  • Lenore Carnahan

    United States, Piscataway
  • Michelle Zakrzewski

    United States, Orangevale
  • Faye Hanks

    United States, Orange
  • Sammie Harrell

    United States, Oak Ridge
  • Annette Fitzsimmons

    United States, New York
  • Margarita Ahmed

    United States, Macon
  • Armando Correia

    United States, Louisville
  • Brent Rhodes

    United States, Los Angeles
  • Everette Springthorpe

    United States, Lookeba
  • Leigh Lamond

    United States, Livonia
  • Loyd Freese

    United States, Larchmont
  • Trevor Butts

    United States, Irvine
  • Don Jiron

    United States, Holyoke
  • Mohammed Bechtel

    United States, Holmen
  • Charissa McEncroe

    United States, Haverhill
  • Sonya De Loitte

    United States, Hatboro
  • Matt Whitmer

    United States, Grand Prairie
  • Kevin Kaminski

    United States, Girard
  • Marian Tudawali

    United States, Fresno
  • Willard Glynn

    United States, Frederick
  • Paige Irvin

    United States, Fort Lauderdale
  • Cameron Outlaw

    United States, Fayetteville
  • Rueben Fincham

    United States, Fair Oaks
  • Archer Forde

    United States, East Aurora
  • Imogen Ramer

    United States, Covington
  • Hector Burdette

    United States, Cincinnati
  • Esteban Fiorini

    United States, Charlotte
  • Angelina Chan

    United States, Carrollton
  • Cathern Handley

    United States, Caldwell
  • Earnestine Haynes

    United States, Bellmore
  • Verona Benson

    United States, Augusta
  • Lincoln Helmick

    United States, Arlington Heights
  • Oliva Thiel

    United States, Anchorage
  • Antonia Dowler

    United States, Amarillo
  • Daniella Bard

    United States, Allen
  • Leatha Countryman

    United States, Alexander
  • Emily Davis

    United States
    head of a pack of wolves
  • John Donaldson

    United States
  • kelsey mcLaughlin

    united States
    i loved the show alot its a shame they toke it off the tv
  • brendan madden

    United States
  • CaShaunta Williams

    United States
  • Cathern Kornweibel

    United Kingdom, Wrestlingworth
  • Hildegarde Rupert

    United Kingdom, Westlake
  • Bernardo Binns

    United Kingdom, Thornicombe
  • Astrid Tallis

    United Kingdom, South Mimms
  • Margarita Odom

    United Kingdom, Oxenholme
  • Sophia Hawthorne

    United Kingdom, Ludgershall
  • Diane Scrymgeour

    United Kingdom, Hatfield
  • Boyce Lang

    United Kingdom, Glasnakille
  • Taylor Mehler

    United Kingdom, Gaick
  • Micah Carr

    Union City, US
    I always wanted to help the earth in many ways.
  • Paul Watson

    The possibility of our species finding a suitable planet to inhabit upon the complete consumption of what we have left here borders impossible and besides that extinction sucks. I love the natural Chaos of our world, not to mention the universe surrounding us and the planets natural beauty and I firmly disagree with the prospect of sacrificing the planet for the sake of easier living. Also with all the life that this planet holds and all the creatures that live here, as sentient beings doesn't it fall to us to make sure that life continues here for all living things and not to just bleed it dry until nothing remains. With so much at stake how could you not believe that even the concept of being a Planeteer to be anything less than amazing, it's the idea of groups of people willing to look beyond their own selfish needs and desires, and focusing on the grand scheme of things "The Preservation Of All Life On Earth" .
  • Felix Fontan

    trujillo alto
  • Steven Carreira

    toronto, canada
    I'm a vegetarian, environmentalist, and Canadian-Portuguese. The black sheep of the family and consider myself a "Gaia" follower....shes my religion, basically respecting her and doing what i can to be "Green". I do eco-gardening for a small circle of clients and love taking care of my many pets(fish, birds, frogs, turtles, geckos...). i enjoy growing many plants in my apt and if i had more natural light, i would turn my apt into a jungle. i would love to pack up and move out of the big city and live in the country and work for trade and not money, grow my own food and plants, build a natural-eco pool and have a place to let my pets roam free. Anything else you want to know just ask.
  • Thomas Appiah

  • kartee manu

    tamil nadu,india
    i am a green lover nd i love planting plant siblings....nd nothing more spl abt me.....
  • Rambo Lewis

  • Michael Kobena Amfosah

  • Derrick Klutsey

    Takoradi, Ghana
    I just love natural things......
  • Winydra Nimalkumar

    Sydney, Australia
  • Dave Smartt

    Sydney, Australia
    Hi there :-) I'm Dave. I'm not "normal". Far from it. So far from it in fact, that I have no idea of what it's like to be "normal". Though I a a m a Planeteer because I believe in a world that takes care of its environment & responds to environmental problems. Plus I love Captain Planet <3
  • Will Dirickx- Jones

    Sydney, Australia
    Planeteer from Oz, I work in media and communications. I love being creative, making music and videos and all those fun things. The causes I'm passionate about include animal welfare, clean drinking water and I'm also interested in how art in all its forms can be used in the mission to save earth!
  • Eliza Cowan

    Sydney Australia
  • Elouise Wheen

    Switzerland, Wuppenau
  • Gertrude Honey

    Switzerland, Winterthur
  • Katrice Hetrick

    Switzerland, Winterthur
  • Ricky Trower

    Switzerland, Vers-L'eglise
  • Jeannie Blohm

    Switzerland, Thun
  • Fredric Madsen

    Switzerland, Steinen
  • Freya Mccool

    Switzerland, St. Margarethen
  • Rob Goodchild

    Switzerland, St-Leonard
  • Kelsey Banvard

    Switzerland, Seiry
  • Jesenia Fairweather

    Switzerland, Rudlingen
  • Jacquie Walcott

    Switzerland, Rigi Scheidegg
  • Kasha Cardin

    Switzerland, Rechberg
  • Hazel Scollen

    Switzerland, Osterfingen
  • Abby Mchugh

    Switzerland, Oleyres
  • Jenifer Nickson

    Switzerland, Oberwil Bei Buren
  • Tisha Roe

    Switzerland, Mont-Tramelan
  • Karolyn Moye

    Switzerland, Merzligen
  • Clemmie Julian

    Switzerland, Luins
  • Alejandra Zink

    Switzerland, Fontanezier
  • Clarice Sidney

    Switzerland, Fetigny
  • Glinda Bieber

    Switzerland, Egg
  • Chance Miles

    Switzerland, Datwil
  • Abdul Stanfield

    Switzerland, Clarmont
  • Sylvia Bettencourt

    Switzerland, Cheseaux-Noreaz
  • Jerrod Stahl

    Switzerland, Bannwil
  • Julissa Schroeder

    Switzerland, Altreu
  • Chi Kersey

    Switzerland, Alpnachstad
  • Luca Jacobsen

    Switzerland, Alfermee
  • Elden Rodgers

    Switzerland, Acquarossa
  • Shona Blaxland

    Sweden, Vallakra
  • Nam Leibius

    Sweden, Sorunda
  • Reva Akins

    Sweden, Solna
  • Cindi Flannery

    Sweden, Porjus
  • Von MacCarthy

    Sweden, Malgomaj
  • Berry Templeton

    Sweden, Kolback
  • Johnathan Hollingsworth

    Sweden, Horby
  • Derek Evans

    Starr, United States
  • brenda channer bimpong

    st pete florida, U.S.A.
  • Kala Weerawardana

    Sri Lanka
  • Bren Bera

    Springfield, US
    just a 90s kid that believes in helping.
  • Brandon Worthy

    Birthday: March 16th,1995. School: Paul M. Dorman High School. Love watching football,basketball,and pro wrestling. Currently training to become a pro wrestler. Huge fan of conscious hip hop
  • Shannah Mays

    Sparta, USA
    I'm Shannah, I'm unique just like everyone else. But, I am pretty friggin' awesome if you ask around. ; 3
  • South Hadley, USA
    I'm the Eco-Rep Coordinator at Mont Holyoke College. I'm also majoring in environmental studies with a concentration in sustainable development there.
  • Thuto Huma

    South Africa, Gauteng
    Fun and enjoy being with people, especially new people in my life.
  • Samuel Koh

  • Aaron Laduke

    turning golf green!
  • Santigie Bayo Dumbuya

    Sierra Leone
    Name: Santigie Bayo Dumbuya Country: Sierra Leone Age: 29 1.My favorite principles: Respect and care for the community of life 2.Profession/background: I am a student/Youth led-development Activist pursuing the course of National Diploma in Business Administration and Management at the Milton Margai College of Education and Technology Congo Cross Campus, year ll. Also, I am the imatter March Campaign on climate change and global warming Leader and also Co-founder and Programme Coordinator of My Own children International organization Sierra Leone chapter. It is a children charity organization which has its headquarter based in Alberta Canada, working on health, education, agriculture, peace and conflict including environment with regards to children and young people. The organization through my hard work and colleagues’ now have partners/Members in Sierra Leone and beyond, such as; Links for change in London (www.links4change.con) , UNDP-CSOs Forum, WaterAid ( , African Youth Initiative on Climate Change(AYICC), Clean up the world Australia ( , Campaign for Just Mining (CJM-SL),etc . I am also highly interested in working for the Planeteer Movement in Sierra Leone. My life goal is: To develop my educational and technical skills to better equip and response to issues affecting mankind in the global world through partnership, friendship, exchange programs, resources mobilization and impact the talent gained and buy to others.
  • Lakshmikanth Raju

    Shimoga, India
    Green Man :)
  • Erwin Lagmay

    San Francisco USA
    I'm a geek I love to watch anime & play ALOT of video games. My hobbie is Boxing and Martial Arts. Captain Planet is 1 of my fevorete cartoons ever. When I 1st watch it when I was a kid it touch me.
  • Jose Mejia

    San Diego United States Of America
    Well... What can I say. When I was a lil' kid, like 8 through 10 years old I came across this great and fascinating show. I was inspired by it further down into the pre-teen stage and early teenage years. Till now it still affect's Ever since then I have taken the me. ever since then I have taken the responsibility off recycling paper & cardboard & almost about everything that can be redone into something. Now In my 25th year's of life I have reduced my shower time from 30 minutes to 20 minutes, & while showering I use the pause button on my new shower head that I purchased on October/2010. I still have frequent arguments with my family & my coworkers & my friends. Specially with my nationals from Mexico.
  • Rusk, USA
    I study and implement alternative energy systems such as parabolic and passive solar ovens aswell as crystal technologies for structuring and invigorating water for life. I develop and use technologies that help to passively clean the environment such as grounded orgonite materials. I also find ways to cleanse and empower foods and drinks. Contact me for more information.
  • Rian Bowker

    Royal Oak,MI, USA
  • Adam Pickering

    Rotherham, United Kingdom
    Was a big fan of captain planet as a kid. Recently started watching the series again from the beginning and it's just revived the old fan in me. I'm a writer in terms of career. Fantasy novels. While none have been published I keep trying. As a job I'm qualified in childcare but these days I find myself just doing retail to pay the bills.
  • Andrew Telker

    Roswell, Georgia
    I am an ECO-Designer in Roswell Georgia. I believe in devoting my career toward Sustainable Development & Clean GREEN Solutions. Captain Planet has been a huge INSPIRATION since 1990, allowing me to embrace my ECO-Passions, and pursue change in my Local Community. As a Local Community Activist, and Steward of the Environment, I find it imprtant to challenge yourself daily to Make a Positive Change. --- "The Power is Yours"
  • Michael Anastasi

    Rockland MA
    So me and a friend made a rock-paper-sissors type game that is based off of Captain Planet. Its a blast to play to find the rules go to The game is called Tchu-Bon! It works the same as Rock Paper Sissors except it uses Earth Fire Wind Water and Heart. Please if this sounds like something that you and your friends would play then check out the web site. Its good for any type of decison making. For example you and your friend cant come to a compromise on where to eat or what to do... Tchu-Bon! Cant deside who to pass that to? Tchu-Bon! its loads of fun. Here's the website
  • Chris Shaouni

    Port St Lucie, Florida
    I have alway cared about what affects our enviornment and make sure and do my part to make things better.
  • Laura-Ivy Harlow

    Pomona, USA
    I'm a college student studying Administration of Justice. I created The Planeteer Project in August 2009 in hopes of reviving the environmental values that Captain Planet taught my generation, as well as informing the upcoming generation.
  • Betsy Holmes

    Pomona, California
    I am the co creator of the planeteer project. And have been since August 2009. I'm 26 years old and attend citrus college. I love making the world a better healthier place.
  • Kyle Swigert

    Poland, Wroclaw
  • Rene Northmore

    Poland, Warszawa
  • Josie Hirth

    Poland, Warszawa
  • Milan Chumley

    Poland, Warszawa
  • Clint Tudor

    Poland, Rzeszow
  • Latashia Leichhardt

    Poland, Pietrowice Wielkie
  • Brittny Borders

    Poland, Olsztyn
  • Josh Liddell

    Poland, Mikolow
  • Lynn Block

    Poland, Lodz
  • Celinda Kenney

    Poland, Krakow
  • Jett Langham

    Poland, Katowice
  • Daryl Warren

    Poland, Katowice
  • Leola Dalgety

    Poland, Grajewo
  • Earlene Reichert

    Poland, Brzeg
  • Carmen Guerrero

    Phoenix, USA
    I watched Captain Planet as a kid, and it's still one of my favorite shows. It's probably the one that has had the most impact, as I did become a Planeteer, and it has served as inspiration for my Elemental stories. I'm planning to turn it into a series. My favorite episodes, well, they're all my favorites, actually, but if I have to narrow it down, they are Night of the Wolf, Twilight Ozone, and Greenhouse Planet. The first one because I'm a huge cat lover, and even though it's not about cats, cats are predators, just like the wolves. I like how Gaia explains how important predators are. I get many odd looks when I say the same thing. People think that because they kill other animals for food, they must be bad. But I mean, have you ever seen the size of those herds of wildebeest and zebra migrate?! And from watching and reading so much on cats, I've learned hunting isn't simply killing anything. They have a lot to learn to survive. Choosing the right target, taking into account the terrain, the weather, wind, everything. I really hope that we will never talk about big cats the way we talk about dinosaurs. The other two because of the greenhouse effect and the ozone layer. Living in a place where the weather goes into the 120s most of the year, I'm especially interested in the effects of the greenhouse effect. Living in such weather is horrid enough here in this patch that I don't know why people decided to build a city here, imagine the entire planet being that temperature?! Not if I can help do something about it, however little that may be. I'm also interested in the themes in the episodes with Nukem. That comes from reading Asimov's Pebble in the Sky, Robot and extended Foundation novels. Good stories, although I must admit I do find the idea of a radioactive Earth very upsetting. Environmentalism isn't really a theme in his writing, but I think it does cover it a bit in that in Pebble in the Sky, The Caves of Steel, Robots and Empire, and Foundation and Earth, especially with the overpopulation in The Caves of Steel. Oh, wow, I really have written quite a bit, haven't I? Few people show any interests or care about my environmentalism ideas, especially my parents who scorn on such things. But our planet and the creatures we share it with do mean a lot to me. It's good to know there are other people out there who care about our planet, too.
  • Verity Wallace

    Perth, Australia
  • Edsel Mendoza

    Like most of today's planeteers, I grew up loving the series and slowly incorporating the lessons in my life. Through music, art, and writing, i hope to inspire people to start caring more about the environment one step at a time. :)
  • Brian Stafki

    Olympia, WA USA
    Field Biologist Environmental Educator Naturalist Program Coordinator Education Director Volunteer Coordinator SCA High School Crew Leader Outreach Coordinator
  • Reko R

    Oldsmar U.S.A.
    I believe in fighting mutants with powers out of this world! except WITH our worlds powers....
  • Devin Donnelly

    Norway, Spongdal
  • Aimee Singletary

    Norway, Skien
  • Phoebe Stroh

    Norway, Sandnes
  • Elouise Damon

    Norway, Porsgrunn
  • Billie Quarles

    Norway, Haugesund
  • Lavonda Cumming

    Norway, Halden
  • Isla Eubank

    Norway, Greaker
  • Margareta Flanders

    Norway, Godvik
  • Hermine Leflore

    Norway, Gamle Fredrikstad
  • Georgia Hardwick

    Norway, Borgenhaugen
  • Linette Lance

    Norway, Bergen
  • Harriet Global

    Norman, OK
    I am a planteer because not only do I care for the environment. But, I care for people and animals. I like to volunteer my time at places like animal shelters. I also hope to become a vet.
  • Ian Storrar

    New York, NY, USA
    Ian works in New York, NY in the IT industry. He spent 5 years in Washington, DC working for nonprofits in the civic field as Director of Youth and Volunteers Programs at Common Cause, and as COO at Ian has been a Planeteer since it first aired and has always seen Captain Planet and the Planeteers as central to how he and his peers view the world today.
  • Jeffrey Omura

    New York, NY
    Jeffrey is a proud graduate of Carnegie Mellon University where he studied Drama and Political Science. He serves as Vice Chairman of the Afghan Education Peace Foundation, a not-for-profit dedicated to providing educational opportunities in U.S. colleges and universities for Afghanistan's brightest students. He's also a writer and actor having appeared in various roles in film, television, and theater; including Gossip Girl, Damages, Georgetown, and Sex & the City 2.
  • Keondra Prier

    New York, NY
  • Joy Houston

    New York
    My name is Joy Houston and I am from New York City. I am a college student and I am studying BA degree in sociology in Ashford University online and also, I am a visual artist who like to do a lot of paintings and I been doing art since the age of 8 years old. I want to be a planeteer because I am a fan of the animated series since I was a kid but I do still watch it everytime when It's on televison or youtube. I do want to join because not the cartoon but my community and the environment I live in. I live in Harlem and the community is kind of half and half (good & bad) with the drugs, dying of people getting shot, robbed, Etc...and also,people taking the trash and putting it in our harlem street. In a sidenote, I am taking a environment sciences course as learning thing about enviroment and the earth.
  • Robert Pollard

    New York
    An information ecologist and urban gardener / composter I am an Englishman in New York - since 1993 - and a grassroots activist for all of my adult life - with a focus on peace, sustainability / environment, justice, etc. Am presently focused on Rio 2012 and working with floEarth - Free, Libre, Open Earth - and on the critical value of Open Source, Creative Commons and Free Culture as keys to the transition to a sustainable common future.
  • tony bishop-weston

    New Forest, UK
    Please help us set a new World Record for health and sustainability - celebrate One World Day - Happy Birthday to your, your body, your friends your neighbours and the planet
  • Libby Elsey

    Netherlands, Zuidlaren
  • Star Del Fabbro

    Netherlands, Zoetermeer
  • Louvenia Walder

    Netherlands, Wijk Bij Duurstede
  • Geoffrey Grandi

    Netherlands, Wezep
  • Rhys Miltenberger

    Netherlands, Veldhoven
  • Dannie Baer

    Netherlands, Valkenswaard
  • Annett Tijerina

    Netherlands, Utrecht
  • Sonia Harries

    Netherlands, Twijzel