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  • Alejandra Zink

    Switzerland, Fontanezier
  • Leon Zimmermann

    France, Orange
  • Sang Zerangue

    Canada, Toronto
  • Louise Yeung

    Chicago, IL, USA
    Louise Yeung is the Development Director for SustainUS and served as a youth delegate to the 2011 UN climate change negotiations in Durban, South Africa. Louise is also a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she studies public participation in environmental planning and design. Please feel free to contact her at for more information about the climate talks, SustainUS, or how young people can get involved in other UN conferences!
  • Lauren Yanochik

    Atlanta, USA
    I'm a Level 6 vegan and lifetime dirty hippie. It sounds better to say Planeteer, though. ~Dirty Feet All The Time~
  • Brandon Worthy

    Birthday: March 16th,1995. School: Paul M. Dorman High School. Love watching football,basketball,and pro wrestling. Currently training to become a pro wrestler. Huge fan of conscious hip hop
  • Hollie Woodd

    Netherlands, Drunen
  • Porter Wilmoth

    Italy, Anconetta
  • CaShaunta Williams

    United States
  • Kristofer Wigington

    Belgium, Cheratte
  • Whitney Widener

    Kansas, USA
  • Rowena Whitham

    France, Nimes
  • Kristi Whisman

    Germany, Heilbronn Neckargartach
  • Elouise Wheen

    Switzerland, Wuppenau
  • Felicia Wetzig

    Akron, Ohio
    As a tribute to our teamwork, this Planeteer profile is collectively maintained by the Akron, OH Planeteers. Currently our authors and administrators include Felicia Wetzig, Darla Craiglow, and Paul Wetzig. We are Planeteers because we care about what happens to the environment and all of us living creatures who have to share it. We believe that educating people, in the manner of Captain Planet, is the first step toward making progress.
  • Kala Weerawardana

    Sri Lanka
  • Paul Watson

    The possibility of our species finding a suitable planet to inhabit upon the complete consumption of what we have left here borders impossible and besides that extinction sucks. I love the natural Chaos of our world, not to mention the universe surrounding us and the planets natural beauty and I firmly disagree with the prospect of sacrificing the planet for the sake of easier living. Also with all the life that this planet holds and all the creatures that live here, as sentient beings doesn't it fall to us to make sure that life continues here for all living things and not to just bleed it dry until nothing remains. With so much at stake how could you not believe that even the concept of being a Planeteer to be anything less than amazing, it's the idea of groups of people willing to look beyond their own selfish needs and desires, and focusing on the grand scheme of things "The Preservation Of All Life On Earth" .
  • Daryl Warren

    Poland, Katowice
  • Harriett Ware

    Australia, Killimicat
  • Verity Wallace

    Perth, Australia
  • Louvenia Walder

    Netherlands, Wijk Bij Duurstede
  • Amee Vrooman

    Germany, Ahnsbeck
  • Magnus von der Brelie

    Bremen Germany
    I´m 34 years old. I have an Universal Believing and I love Gaia very much. I´m searching for a Woman for Lifepartnership but she have to fight for the Future of the Earth as well like I do. My Email adress is I made my education in a Factory ( Factoryworker ). But I´m learning more. Bujinkan Martial Arts of Japan and China. And i´m working in a Teenagermeetingpoint. I do a lot of things to help the Earth but ( Gaia : You never succsed alone ).
  • Ben Volz

    Great Britain, Abbotsley
  • brandie vest

    greene ny
    i am a fan of captain planet and i am 24 years old and i like to be a planeteer i have blue eyes and brown hair and i am 5'2" tall my favorite character is linka.
  • Sam Vereb

    Bardstown, KY
    Born in the 80s child of the 90s. Teacher, Hairdresser, Baker. Dog-lover, Volunteer, Planeteer. Let's save the world. <3 =] Check out my blog: Website:
  • Fawn Vaughn

    France, Chartres
  • Ronald Vandegrift

    France, Marseille
  • Dominic Tuttle

    Innisfail Australia
    i have had an interest in recycling since I was very young and first watched Captain Planet on television. I live in a very green part of Australia in the tropical rainforest belt and like to promote preservation of the endangered flora and funa of this area.
  • Alice Tumblescribbleson

    I'm Alice Tumblescribbleson.
  • Clint Tudor

    Poland, Rzeszow
  • Marian Tudawali

    United States, Fresno
  • Ricky Trower

    Switzerland, Vers-L'eglise
  • Buford Tripp

    France, Chelles
  • Andrew Trainor

    Netherlands, Delft
  • Annett Tijerina

    Netherlands, Utrecht
  • Oliva Thiel

    United States, Anchorage
  • Andrew Telker

    Roswell, Georgia
    I am an ECO-Designer in Roswell Georgia. I believe in devoting my career toward Sustainable Development & Clean GREEN Solutions. Captain Planet has been a huge INSPIRATION since 1990, allowing me to embrace my ECO-Passions, and pursue change in my Local Community. As a Local Community Activist, and Steward of the Environment, I find it imprtant to challenge yourself daily to Make a Positive Change. --- "The Power is Yours"
  • William Teasley

    Atlanta, USA
  • Johnny Teal

    Belgium, Graux
  • Tonia Teague

    Italy, Quadrivio Di Campagna
  • Mark Szafran

  • Brandon Sutton

    Atlanta, Ga
    Fun-loving & inquisitive student of life, global change agent, tree-hugging believer in the seemingly impossible, World citizen, & avowed enemy of status quo.
  • Brandon Sutton

    Fun-loving & inquisitive student of life, global change agent, tree-hugging believer in the seemingly impossible, World citizen, & avowed enemy of status quo.
  • Nidia Sumner

    Italy, Portacomaro Stazione
  • Ian Storrar

    New York, NY, USA
    Ian works in New York, NY in the IT industry. He spent 5 years in Washington, DC working for nonprofits in the civic field as Director of Youth and Volunteers Programs at Common Cause, and as COO at Ian has been a Planeteer since it first aired and has always seen Captain Planet and the Planeteers as central to how he and his peers view the world today.
  • Frederic Stockman

    Great Britain, Maghull
  • Abdul Stanfield

    Switzerland, Clarmont
  • Veselina Stamatova

    Humans follow the Earth. If there is no Planet Earth, there is no life there. First, I respect our dear Planet. It is Home, and it is so gorgeous! It works in the most intricate of mysteries, simple - but deepening as you go on. We will never grasp the full amazement of our Planet. It is beyond any measure. Second, humans litter. No matter where you go, we have left our mark. The simple fact is that because of it, our Planet Earth, it is because of her(yes, I'll call it a her ^_^) you are here, alive, and breathing. Third, Environmental awareness needs awareness. Things are getting worse before they get better. More forests cut down, digging for coal. Moving mountains by blowing up their peaks. Shifting rivers. Polluting our oceans and seas. Driving animal life to extinction. Corrupting ourselves with governments, jobs that lead to stress, lives that are shifting in a unknown robotic stage. Have you asked yourself the question lately - Who are you? Are you who you want to be? Are you happy? Well, I'll tell you what I want. WORLD PEACE! Seriously. And that begins with lots of Love. Self respect naturally guides to respecting another being. Gratitude towards each day leads to simple joy that can last all day. Life is too precious not to be respected. What a marvelous world we live in. And I am here to clean it up. One cigarette bud handful at a time!
  • Brian Stafki

    Olympia, WA USA
    Field Biologist Environmental Educator Naturalist Program Coordinator Education Director Volunteer Coordinator SCA High School Crew Leader Outreach Coordinator
  • Everette Springthorpe

    United States, Lookeba
  • Amelie Springfield

    Australia, Miles
  • Patrick Southern

    Great Britain, Bronaber
  • Shelly Sosa

    Australia, Hume Weir
  • Margarette Son

    France, Muret
  • Tera Snyder

    Denmark, Arden
  • Freeman Snelling

    Belgium, Beaufays
  • Dave Smartt

    Sydney, Australia
    Hi there :-) I'm Dave. I'm not "normal". Far from it. So far from it in fact, that I have no idea of what it's like to be "normal". Though I a a m a Planeteer because I believe in a world that takes care of its environment & responds to environmental problems. Plus I love Captain Planet <3
  • Felipa Slocum

    Italy, Castelvecchio Sulla Secchia
  • Nate Slater

    Watched Captain Planet as a kid. Web developer "trying" to embrace and introduce green technology and ethical standards to the development community.
  • Aminur Rahman Shahed Sinha

    Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Aimee Singletary

    Norway, Skien
  • Harmanjot Singh

    I'm currently in dental school and a big fan of captain planet since childhood. Its one of those rare shows that taught me few things that could change the world and stop us from going to where we are heading if things go unchanged. I wish to contribute to this movement to my full potential.
  • Roger Simpson

    Austin, Texas
    I am Vice President of KISS Janitorial. I am a Certified Green Consultant & an ISSA Green Cleaning Professional. I am a member of the USGBC, BOMA, IFMA, AAFAME, Austin Eco-Network & GBB.
  • Clarice Sidney

    Switzerland, Fetigny
  • Leonore Shumaker

    Australia, Paradise Point
  • jacob sherrod

    strange. but i have always had a naturistic side.
  • Colin Shelley

    Denmark, Helsinge
  • Steven Shapiro

    Atlanta, USA
    I am a detail-oriented, hard working, funny, tech-savvy, green geek seeking challenges to overcome. I see obstacles as an opportunity to deliver the impossible.
  • Doretha Shapiro

    Australia, Bael Bael
  • Chris Shaouni

    Port St Lucie, Florida
    I have alway cared about what affects our enviornment and make sure and do my part to make things better.
  • Uzair Shaikh

  • Rudolf Shade

    Germany, Amtzell
  • Rafaela Scutt

    Austria, Munderfing
  • Amanda Schultz

    Madison, WI
  • Julissa Schroeder

    Switzerland, Altreu
  • Catharine Schiffman

    Australia, Toko
  • gregory samakande

    save the planet.wel im a bit by mysele here bt i love being a planeteer.ilove nature.
  • joshua sackey

    I am a very cool nice and a simple person
  • Danielle Russell

    Milwaukee, WI, USA
    Goooooo Planet! I'd like to help start a chapter in the Milwaukee, WI area!
  • Hildegarde Rupert

    United Kingdom, Westlake
  • Justin Roy

    Grand Prairie, TX, USA
    My name is Justin and I'm a Planeteer.
  • Tricia Roxon

    Brazil, Mossoro
  • Ngan Rosado

    Italy, Vezzano Ligure
  • Rita Romilly

    France, Athis-Mons
  • George Romea

    Cebu, Philippines
    I grew up watching the show. It's part of the reason why I'm very passionate about the environment. One of my dreams is to someday make a difference in saving our planet. There are many ways to zealously accomplish this noble task, but a good first step is acquainting yourself with people who have a similar passion. Go planeteers! The power is yours!
  • Tisha Roe

    Switzerland, Mont-Tramelan
  • Justine Rodriquez

    Australia, Sandilands
  • Ruben Rodriguez II

  • Elden Rodgers

    Switzerland, Acquarossa
  • Scot Robinson

    Aseville, NC
  • Bert Roan

    France, La Possession
  • Ardis Rintel

    Belgium, Biez
  • Lawerence Rinehart

    Denmark, Guldborg
  • Matt Riddle

    Memphis, TN USA
    I am a long time Planeteer and have been fighting for the voiceless since I was a wee little lad :) I forced my parents to recycle when it was NOT common and am very thankful for them. In my daily routine, there isn't an hour that goes by where I think to myself... "If Captain Planet or the Planeteers saw me do that, they would be disappointed!" As an artist, I'm learning to spread my newest pair of wings and soon share a message though my artwork to help people feel the pain of my planet, and the peaceful respect it deserves, that in turn will bring us happiness ♥ The POWER IS YOURS .·~*
  • Jerri Riddell

    Netherlands, Anjum
  • Brent Rhodes

    United States, Los Angeles
  • Angelica Revell

    Germany, Mannheim Blumenau
  • Burton Renner

    Great Britain, Craigie
  • Samara Rawlins

    Belgium, Ollignies
  • Michael Rappell

  • Elane Rankine

    Italy, Briga Novarese
  • Erika Ramsden

    Great Britain, Eastwick
  • Imogen Ramer

    United States, Covington
  • Jacinto Ramaciotti

    Netherlands, Landsmeer
  • Lakshmikanth Raju

    Shimoga, India
    Green Man :)
  • Reko R

    Oldsmar U.S.A.
    I believe in fighting mutants with powers out of this world! except WITH our worlds powers....
  • Billie Quarles

    Norway, Haugesund
  • Barbara Pyle

    Atlanta, GA
    In 1989, I created the series Captain Planet and the Planeteers with Ted Turner. I led the production team with my colleagues Nick Boxer and Thom Beers. The show premiered in 1990 to worldwide acclaim, and the resulting generation of eco-literate youth has astonished me with their potential. Now in their 20s and 30s, I am approached daily by fans of the series who describe the series' impact on their life decisions. I am inspired myself by the amazing progress the Planeteer Movement has made since launch in 2010. The Power is Yours!
  • Barbara Pyle

    Atlanta, GA
  • Maura Purton

    Germany, Ochsenhausen
  • isaiah puetz

    monmouth, usa
  • Venetta Proctor

    Italy, Giave
  • christie prinkey

    i love to help save water earth fire wind heart stop smoking and stop throw trash on earth and stop throw beer can and bottle on ocean and forest please keep earth clean i safe for our health
  • Natasha Primm

    Austria, Stetten
  • Keondra Prier

    New York, NY
  • Kina Prell

    Austria, Niederham
  • Chase Pottinger

    Austria, Neusiedl Am Steinfeld
  • Billy Porter

    Chicago, IL
  • Andy Pool

    Austria, Schmieding
  • Robert Pollard

    New York
    An information ecologist and urban gardener / composter I am an Englishman in New York - since 1993 - and a grassroots activist for all of my adult life - with a focus on peace, sustainability / environment, justice, etc. Am presently focused on Rio 2012 and working with floEarth - Free, Libre, Open Earth - and on the critical value of Open Source, Creative Commons and Free Culture as keys to the transition to a sustainable common future.
  • Mark Platt

    I watched the TV program as a kid in the early 1990s and really liked it. I'm glad to see that the TV program has not been forgotten and I am a loyal planeteer.
  • Mauricio Pillinger

    Australia, Warwick Dc
  • Rhea Pilgrim

    France, Houilles
  • Adam Pickering

    Rotherham, United Kingdom
    Was a big fan of captain planet as a kid. Recently started watching the series again from the beginning and it's just revived the old fan in me. I'm a writer in terms of career. Fantasy novels. While none have been published I keep trying. As a job I'm qualified in childcare but these days I find myself just doing retail to pay the bills.
  • Eric Pichinte

  • Natisha Petty

    Germany, Wasserburg
  • Donny Pettiford

    Iceland, Akureyri
  • Maxx Pelofske

    Ive been a Planeteer since I was little like 1992... When I was little I thought Gee Was Native American and I wanted to be her. Now I know shes Asian and I still wanna be her hahah. Maxxie, Saving the Planet One Bud at a Time... 420<3
  • Sheel Patel

    Atlanta, USA
  • Sabrina Patel

    Washington, DC
    When They Thrive, We all Thrive. Come Check us out at and join our online community at !
  • Quentin Pape

    Italy, Magliana Trullo
  • Natisha Pamphlett

    France, Sucy-En-Brie
  • Seth Pajak

    Atlanta, Ga.
    I have been a volunteer for the Captain Planet Foundation since 2001 doing video work for their events. I strongly support the message of Captain Planet.
  • Freeman Page

    France, Grenoble
  • Nikhil Padwal

    Mumbai, India
  • Akua Owusu

    Accra, Ghana.
  • Jeffrey Omura

    New York, NY
    Jeffrey is a proud graduate of Carnegie Mellon University where he studied Drama and Political Science. He serves as Vice Chairman of the Afghan Education Peace Foundation, a not-for-profit dedicated to providing educational opportunities in U.S. colleges and universities for Afghanistan's brightest students. He's also a writer and actor having appeared in various roles in film, television, and theater; including Gossip Girl, Damages, Georgetown, and Sex & the City 2.
  • Will Ohman

    France, Montceau-Les-Mines
  • Rachel Oehme

  • Eric Obeng

    I'm cool gentleman who delights about the care of the environment. I hate to see the environment being distroyed. I'm married with two children. We all live in Accra
  • Rin O'Flaherty

    loveland, colorado USA
    im rin hi
  • Karly O'Connell

    Saving the world, one fishy at a time.
  • Hilda Nowacki

    Great Britain, Calke
  • Rene Northmore

    Poland, Warszawa
  • Winydra Nimalkumar

    Sydney, Australia
  • Jenifer Nickson

    Switzerland, Oberwil Bei Buren
  • Khanya Ngonyama

    Johannesburg, South Africa
    Microbiologist passionate about water & environmental issues. I stay in Johannesburg, South Africa for an environmental consulting firm. Studied at Wits University, Rhodes University & the University of Surrey. Always been a Captain Planet fan since the age of 12.
  • Essie Nestor

    France, Annecy
  • Cindy Narine

    Being a First Generation American and growing up watching Captain Planet, I was given the opportunity of insight in local and foreign issues. Recycling, creating less waste, increasing the use of natural products and even promoting political ideas such as voting and writing letters to companies and congressmen and women are some of the ideas that were taught to me at a young age. If this is the baseline for everyone in our generations, we can progress further in all aspects of society, creating a healthier and happier tomorrow.
  • Mary Murphy

    Birmingham, Alabama, USA
    My name is Mary and I'm 22, I was adopted from Paraguay in South America. I am a Guarani Indian of Paraguay. I want to speak the native Paraguayan Guarani and I don't speak Spanish. I've lived in the USA since I was 4 months old. I've always loved being outside and I love animals. I have a passion for them. I named my stuffed animal, which is a monkey, Suchi. I have always had a big heart and I care about the world around me. I plan to cosplay Ma-Ti from Captain Planet and the Planeteers soon and even Gaia as well. Captain Planet should have never been taken off the air. I always watched it when I was little and I still love it to this day. I like to cosplay different characters from movies, video games, and anime. I like going to conventions such as Kami Con, Sukoshicon, and AWA.
  • Jerrold Munson

    Germany, Sommerhausen
  • Simon Muirden

    Iceland, Reykjavik
  • Karolyn Moye

    Switzerland, Merzligen
  • Vaughn Moye

    Germany, Herchweiler
  • Aline Mowle

    Netherlands, Erp
  • Phil Moss

    A planter for over 20 years since watching the Captain on tv when one of my boys was very young. I do enjoy fast cars but try to offset that by using green transport in the week and cutting down my footprint at home. Less is more, the power is mine!