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  • Winydra Nimalkumar

    Sydney, Australia
  • Winston Mackinolty

    Italy, Carchitti
  • Willian Seevers

    Austria, Freudenthal
  • William Teasley

    Atlanta, USA
  • William Kurtek

    Minersville, USA
    Blogger who blogs about vegan stuff, yoga, chi gong and loves the message of Captain Planet and after seeing references to it really started to think how we need cartoons like this one again.
  • Willard Glynn

    United States, Frederick
  • Willard Baylis

    Australia, West Bundaleer
  • Will Dirickx- Jones

    Sydney, Australia
    Planeteer from Oz, I work in media and communications. I love being creative, making music and videos and all those fun things. The causes I'm passionate about include animal welfare, clean drinking water and I'm also interested in how art in all its forms can be used in the mission to save earth!
  • Will Ohman

    France, Montceau-Les-Mines
  • Whitney Widener

    Kansas, USA
  • Wendi Demarco

    Austria, Berg
  • Wally Knudsen

    Iceland, Vestmannaeyjar
  • Von MacCarthy

    Sweden, Malgomaj
  • Vida Strout

    Iceland, Reykjavik
  • Vickey Benes

    Netherlands, Amsterdam
  • Veselina Stamatova

    Humans follow the Earth. If there is no Planet Earth, there is no life there. First, I respect our dear Planet. It is Home, and it is so gorgeous! It works in the most intricate of mysteries, simple - but deepening as you go on. We will never grasp the full amazement of our Planet. It is beyond any measure. Second, humans litter. No matter where you go, we have left our mark. The simple fact is that because of it, our Planet Earth, it is because of her(yes, I'll call it a her ^_^) you are here, alive, and breathing. Third, Environmental awareness needs awareness. Things are getting worse before they get better. More forests cut down, digging for coal. Moving mountains by blowing up their peaks. Shifting rivers. Polluting our oceans and seas. Driving animal life to extinction. Corrupting ourselves with governments, jobs that lead to stress, lives that are shifting in a unknown robotic stage. Have you asked yourself the question lately - Who are you? Are you who you want to be? Are you happy? Well, I'll tell you what I want. WORLD PEACE! Seriously. And that begins with lots of Love. Self respect naturally guides to respecting another being. Gratitude towards each day leads to simple joy that can last all day. Life is too precious not to be respected. What a marvelous world we live in. And I am here to clean it up. One cigarette bud handful at a time!
  • Veronica Franki

    Netherlands, Schiedam
  • Verona Benson

    United States, Augusta
  • Verity Wallace

    Perth, Australia
  • Venetta Proctor

    Italy, Giave
  • Vaughn Moye

    Germany, Herchweiler
  • Uzair Shaikh

  • Usman Aziz

    London, United Kingdom
  • Ulysses Winfrey

    Denmark, Kobenhavn K
  • Tyson Jackson

    Jackson, MS
    I am completely dedicated to making a difference in my community (local, state, nationally, globally). That difference starts with education for myself so I can share with my people. We can do nothing about natural disasters, they have been happening since the beginning of time, but we can correct human error.... The earth is ALIVE!!, it's our responsibility in keeping the earth healthy. I believe in community self sustainability which includes community gardens in urban areas, alternative energy sources that create cooperative community economics, as well as recycling/composting. I think this can be achieved through proper education and action...
  • Tyrece Harris

    Im a beast you can't see like my name was Waldo. I whoop thru crews like my name was Jose Aldo. Catch a feelin and I can end beef like a blessed butcher, it's God willing like takin pics in commericials like ash kutcher.
  • Tristan Monaco

    Belgium, Polleur
  • Trisha McClelland

    Italy, Valfenera
  • Tricia Roxon

    Brazil, Mossoro
  • Trevor Bartlett

    Atlanta, GA, USA
    I loved the show as a kid and as I got older I realized how important it is to be good to our planet. I try to implement my skills as a video/graphic designer by coming up with ways to move being 'green' from a trend to a way of life for everyone.
  • Trevor Butts

    United States, Irvine
  • Trent Macandie

    Denmark, Kobenhavn V
  • Traci MacCullagh

    United States, Washington
  • tony bishop-weston

    New Forest, UK
    Please help us set a new World Record for health and sustainability - celebrate One World Day - Happy Birthday to your, your body, your friends your neighbours and the planet
  • Tony Brendel

    Winston Salem
    I graduated Brevard College in 2009 with my Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education. Captain Planet may have not been my favorite TV show compared to spider-man or something, but it has impacted my decisions, outlook, and life through what it taught me when I was young!
  • Tonia Teague

    Italy, Quadrivio Di Campagna

    Alachua, FL
  • Tisha Roe

    Switzerland, Mont-Tramelan
  • Timothy Karikari

    Accra, Ghana
    I believe being a planeteer lies within the heart. The little things like advising and educating kids and adults on the dangers of destroying our environment is very key to me. I am a planeteer because, i love my environment, i love the animals that live in it, i respect the rights of these animals and i want to contribute my quota to saving the environments for the next generation.
  • tim dempsey jr.

    dunmore pa usa
  • Tiki Curnow

    Nagoya 名古屋市
    Hi I'm an Australian, an arts student majoring in Sociology and Japanese. At the moment I'm on exchange in Nagoya Japan. It is amazing seeing a culture through new eyes. It makes me examine both Japanese and my own society in a new light. Keep fighting the good fight!
  • Tiara Keen

    France, Pierrefitte-Sur-Seine
  • Thuto Huma

    South Africa, Gauteng
    Fun and enjoy being with people, especially new people in my life.
  • Thomas Appiah

  • theory mercury

    I'm going to take pollution down to zero
  • Terrie Beatty

    Great Britain, Bogbain
  • Tera Snyder

    Denmark, Arden
  • tee major

    i love the teenage mutant ninja turtles, basically any show from the 90s :)
  • Taylor Mehler

    United Kingdom, Gaick
  • Tashia Hrushka

    Edmonton. Canada
  • Tanja Easton

    Germany, Barmstedt
  • Tammy Magana

    Germany, Rodental
  • Sylvia Bettencourt

    Switzerland, Cheseaux-Noreaz
  • Suzanne French

    Houston, TX, USA
    I am a Tulane Law and London School of Economic graduate and have worked in a variety of industries doing legal and accounting consulting. I believe in the values and mission of Captain Planet and think that through all of our efforts, we can make this world a better place.
  • Sue Bordelon

    Netherlands, Lemmer
  • Steven Shapiro

    Atlanta, USA
    I am a detail-oriented, hard working, funny, tech-savvy, green geek seeking challenges to overcome. I see obstacles as an opportunity to deliver the impossible.
  • Steven Carreira

    toronto, canada
    I'm a vegetarian, environmentalist, and Canadian-Portuguese. The black sheep of the family and consider myself a "Gaia" follower....shes my religion, basically respecting her and doing what i can to be "Green". I do eco-gardening for a small circle of clients and love taking care of my many pets(fish, birds, frogs, turtles, geckos...). i enjoy growing many plants in my apt and if i had more natural light, i would turn my apt into a jungle. i would love to pack up and move out of the big city and live in the country and work for trade and not money, grow my own food and plants, build a natural-eco pool and have a place to let my pets roam free. Anything else you want to know just ask.
  • Sterling McBeath

    Netherlands, Den Hoorn
  • Stephan CARNIER

    Martinique F.W.I.
    I'm the Director of Publication of a new generation magazine. Using no paper, having a real interest for the protection of the planet. We promote the Caribbean destinations, events and brands through sport.
  • Stellar James

  • Star Del Fabbro

    Netherlands, Zoetermeer
  • Sophia Hawthorne

    United Kingdom, Ludgershall
  • Sonya De Loitte

    United States, Hatboro
  • Sonia Harries

    Netherlands, Twijzel
  • Son Brown

    Austria, Brunn
  • SK Foysal Alam

    Dhaka, Bangladesh
    I love Captain Planet at my childhood. I want to work for a best planet.
  • Simone Fidler

    Great Britain, Doune
  • Simon Fellmann

    Vienna, Austria
    High...let's see how to explain myself best. I've lived out there in space, in the galaxy Nemesis or M81 like it's called I'm here, trapped in a human body. I seen many human civilizations, but most of them overcome their differences and work together. Sure, we have over 200 different cultures and many subspecies living here, so this Task may seems a little unrealistic here... But, there are ways and for us it would be to give up the money worldwide and follow the F.o.G.(Federation of Galaxies). I've seen that civilation which Gene Roddenbarry made his Star Trek of...and they had 140 cultures left, after thier World War III. Our Technologie is so far, that one single Nuklear Rocked could wipe out the intier planet in the following nuklear winter! So if we don't do something fast, one nation may start one of this rockets. Not finished yet, but soon...
  • Simon Muirden

    Iceland, Reykjavik
  • Shona Blaxland

    Sweden, Vallakra
  • shifat Aajan

  • Sherrill Bowens

    France, Creil
  • Sherri Hoskin

    France, Avignon
  • Shelly Sosa

    Australia, Hume Weir
  • Shelby Horner

    Campbell, USA
    I'm Shelby, I was born in Portland, OR, and moved to Campbell, CA in August of 2009. I went to an alternative school, and the teachers were big on recycling, and doing projects in the community that are for the better for the community and environment. They woke up in me what other schools I went to didn't, which was the Planeteer in me. My school had us do community service, and a few of the community service projects that we did that helped wake up the Planeteer in me are bicycle building, helping build computers out of old parts, helping plant plants in farms and learning how we grow things at home. I choose not to drive a car, so I can be one less car on the road. Public transportation works well enough for me. I choose to be a Planeteer because we only have one Earth, and the choices we make can effect it.
  • Sheel Patel

    Atlanta, USA
  • Shawn Gonzalez

    Brazil, Araras
  • Shawn Fleck

    Brazil, Sao Luis
  • Shasta Sloane

    Australia, Uworra
  • Sharyn Mccollum

    Netherlands, Hengelo
  • Sharyl Coburn

    France, Nantes
  • Shari Christmas

    Great Britain, Aultvoulin
  • Shannah Mays

    Sparta, USA
    I'm Shannah, I'm unique just like everyone else. But, I am pretty friggin' awesome if you ask around. ; 3
  • Shakiel Alex Abrahams

    Waterford, Ireland
    I was born in Cape Town, South Africa but now living in Republic of Ireland! I have always tried to do what i can to try and keep this beautiful planet of ours healthy and clean... even if its something as simple as picking up a piece of paper fluttering in the wind! I believe that we should learn to live in harmony with Mother Earth by only taking what we need and no more! I we do not look after our home, who will?
  • shaikh imtiaz

  • Seymour Abdullah

    Belgium, Soulme
  • Seth Leingang

    McKinney, TX, USA
    Just another kid that wants to save the planet
  • Seth Pajak

    Atlanta, Ga.
    I have been a volunteer for the Captain Planet Foundation since 2001 doing video work for their events. I strongly support the message of Captain Planet.
  • Selene Castanon

    Germany, Barleben
  • Selene Mcafee

    Brazil, Salvador
  • Scot Robinson

    Aseville, NC
  • Savannah Goodson

    Australia, Pellaring Flat
  • Sara Grammer

    Netherlands, Nunspeet
  • Santigie Bayo Dumbuya

    Sierra Leone
    Name: Santigie Bayo Dumbuya Country: Sierra Leone Age: 29 1.My favorite principles: Respect and care for the community of life 2.Profession/background: I am a student/Youth led-development Activist pursuing the course of National Diploma in Business Administration and Management at the Milton Margai College of Education and Technology Congo Cross Campus, year ll. Also, I am the imatter March Campaign on climate change and global warming Leader and also Co-founder and Programme Coordinator of My Own children International organization Sierra Leone chapter. It is a children charity organization which has its headquarter based in Alberta Canada, working on health, education, agriculture, peace and conflict including environment with regards to children and young people. The organization through my hard work and colleagues’ now have partners/Members in Sierra Leone and beyond, such as; Links for change in London (www.links4change.con) , UNDP-CSOs Forum, WaterAid ( , African Youth Initiative on Climate Change(AYICC), Clean up the world Australia ( , Campaign for Just Mining (CJM-SL),etc . I am also highly interested in working for the Planeteer Movement in Sierra Leone. My life goal is: To develop my educational and technical skills to better equip and response to issues affecting mankind in the global world through partnership, friendship, exchange programs, resources mobilization and impact the talent gained and buy to others.
  • Sang Zerangue

    Canada, Toronto
  • Sandra Adjei

    Ghana, Accra
  • Samuel Koh

  • Samuel Jacques

    Leicestershire, England
  • Sammie Harrell

    United States, Oak Ridge
  • Samara Rawlins

    Belgium, Ollignies
  • Samantha Higgins

    Gold Coast, Australia
    I wanna save the planet for all creatures great and small!.....
  • Sam Vereb

    Bardstown, KY
    Born in the 80s child of the 90s. Teacher, Hairdresser, Baker. Dog-lover, Volunteer, Planeteer. Let's save the world. <3 =] Check out my blog: Website:
  • Salvador Bancks

    Canada, St Gedeon De Beauce
  • Sally Eklund

    Louisville, United States
    I am very active and outgoing. :) I love this planet Earth and do what I can to save it! I am Eco-Friendly. I am a hardworker; I currently work 3 different jobs. I am a Student. I go to school at a community college and enjoy it thoroughly. :) I LOVE to smile. I am 20 years old with a may birthday; I'm a Taurus:) Most of all, I love to keep myself busy and this planet definitely fits in my schedule no matter what! :)
  • Saif Khan

    Islamabad, Pakistan
    Hi to u. I am Saif Khan from Islamabad Pakistan too. Interest to build a true and sweet relationship of friendship with u now. Me waiting for ur sweet and naughty reply from u.
  • Sabrina Patel

    Washington, DC
    When They Thrive, We all Thrive. Come Check us out at and join our online community at !
  • Rueben Fincham

    United States, Fair Oaks
  • Rudolf Shade

    Germany, Amtzell
  • Ruben Rodriguez II

  • Roxanne Hawker

    Germany, Dausenau
  • Rowena Whitham

    France, Nimes
  • Rowena Juarez

    Germany, Hamburg Steilshoop
  • Roscoe Cadle

    France, Frejus
  • Ronald Vandegrift

    France, Marseille
  • Roger Simpson

    Austin, Texas
    I am Vice President of KISS Janitorial. I am a Certified Green Consultant & an ISSA Green Cleaning Professional. I am a member of the USGBC, BOMA, IFMA, AAFAME, Austin Eco-Network & GBB.
  • Roger Amaral

    Germany, Morbach
  • Roberto Delarosa

    Austria, Lamperstorf
  • Robert Pollard

    New York
    An information ecologist and urban gardener / composter I am an Englishman in New York - since 1993 - and a grassroots activist for all of my adult life - with a focus on peace, sustainability / environment, justice, etc. Am presently focused on Rio 2012 and working with floEarth - Free, Libre, Open Earth - and on the critical value of Open Source, Creative Commons and Free Culture as keys to the transition to a sustainable common future.
  • Rob Goodchild

    Switzerland, St-Leonard
  • Rita Romilly

    France, Athis-Mons
  • Rin O'Flaherty

    loveland, colorado USA
    im rin hi
  • Riikka Leijavuori

    Helsinki, Finland
    I'm a teacher and do my best every day to get my kids join the Planeteers :)
  • Ricky Trower

    Switzerland, Vers-L'eglise
  • Rian Bowker

    Royal Oak,MI, USA
  • Rhys Miltenberger

    Netherlands, Veldhoven
  • Rhea Pilgrim

    France, Houilles
  • Rex Huish

    Netherlands, Ridderkerk
  • Reva Akins

    Sweden, Solna
  • Reuben Briskie

  • Reuben Clark

    Belgium, Isnes
  • Rene Northmore

    Poland, Warszawa
  • Reko R

    Oldsmar U.S.A.
    I believe in fighting mutants with powers out of this world! except WITH our worlds powers....
  • Rebecca Mahar

    Mackay, Australia
    Captain Planet was definitely my favourite show as a kid, as was the movie Fern Gully both of which gave me a positive attitude growing up towards our environment and how we need to preserve it. I recycyle. I regularly sign petitions regarding the environment and animal rights. I make regular donations to non profit organisations that support the environment and animal rights. I believe the increase in major natural disasters is the planets way of telling us we are damaging it. I believe in the impossible. I also believe that one person can make a difference :)
  • Rebecca Hager

    France, Villemomble
  • Rashad McClemens

    Germany, Mittweida
  • Ramon Breeden

    Austria, Tulfes
  • Rambo Lewis

  • Rafaela Scutt

    Austria, Munderfing
  • Rachel Oehme

  • Racehl Henderson

    Murrieta, USA
    I'm Rachel. You say it like rush-el. Captain Planet is MY hero. Everything I saw him accomplish as a child inspired me, so now I strive to follow in his foot steps and make a change in the REAL world.
  • Quinton Atencio

    Netherlands, Grave
  • Quentin Pape

    Italy, Magliana Trullo
  • Quentin Buckingham

    France, Schoelcher
  • Porter Wilmoth

    Italy, Anconetta
  • Pippa Chapman

    I'm passionate about the environment, recycling/reusing and animals.I reduce my mark on the earth as much as possible. I try to educate family and friends but it is not always easy. I used to belong to a kid's environmental group called Millennium Kids; it was run by kids for kids.
  • Phoebe Stroh

    Norway, Sandnes
  • Philomena Lindeman

    Brazil, Uberlandia
  • Philip Conteh

    I'm an african that identifies with being an earthling (:- )
  • Phil Moss

    A planter for over 20 years since watching the Captain on tv when one of my boys was very young. I do enjoy fast cars but try to offset that by using green transport in the week and cutting down my footprint at home. Less is more, the power is mine!
  • Phil Newcomer

    Great Britain, Crofts Of Benachielt
  • Penelope Pemulwuy

    Netherlands, Rotterdam
  • Pedro Brydon

    France, Tarbes
  • Pearlene Justus

    Italy, Brusaporto
  • Paul Watson

    The possibility of our species finding a suitable planet to inhabit upon the complete consumption of what we have left here borders impossible and besides that extinction sucks. I love the natural Chaos of our world, not to mention the universe surrounding us and the planets natural beauty and I firmly disagree with the prospect of sacrificing the planet for the sake of easier living. Also with all the life that this planet holds and all the creatures that live here, as sentient beings doesn't it fall to us to make sure that life continues here for all living things and not to just bleed it dry until nothing remains. With so much at stake how could you not believe that even the concept of being a Planeteer to be anything less than amazing, it's the idea of groups of people willing to look beyond their own selfish needs and desires, and focusing on the grand scheme of things "The Preservation Of All Life On Earth" .
  • Patty Beaurepaire

    Australia, Darkwood
  • Patrick Southern

    Great Britain, Bronaber
  • Patrice Linsley

    Netherlands, Den Haag
  • Pam Locklear

    Austria, Sprinzenberg
  • Paige Irvin

    United States, Fort Lauderdale
  • Opal Checchi

    France, Lanester
  • Oliva Thiel

    United States, Anchorage
  • nura joseph

    i am homely and gentlei am homely and gentlei am homely and gentlei am homely and gentlei am homely and gentlei am homely and gentlei am homely and gentlei am homely and gentlei am homely and gentlei am homely and gentlei am homely and gentlei am homely and gentle