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  • Brandon Worthy

    Birthday: March 16th,1995. School: Paul M. Dorman High School. Love watching football,basketball,and pro wrestling. Currently training to become a pro wrestler. Huge fan of conscious hip hop
  • Hollie Woodd

    Netherlands, Drunen
  • Ulysses Winfrey

    Denmark, Kobenhavn K
  • Porter Wilmoth

    Italy, Anconetta
  • CaShaunta Williams

    United States
  • Kristofer Wigington

    Belgium, Cheratte
  • Whitney Widener

    Kansas, USA
  • Rowena Whitham

    France, Nimes
  • Kristi Whisman

    Germany, Heilbronn Neckargartach
  • Elouise Wheen

    Switzerland, Wuppenau
  • Felicia Wetzig

    Akron, Ohio
    As a tribute to our teamwork, this Planeteer profile is collectively maintained by the Akron, OH Planeteers. Currently our authors and administrators include Felicia Wetzig, Darla Craiglow, and Paul Wetzig. We are Planeteers because we care about what happens to the environment and all of us living creatures who have to share it. We believe that educating people, in the manner of Captain Planet, is the first step toward making progress.
  • Kala Weerawardana

    Sri Lanka
  • Paul Watson

    The possibility of our species finding a suitable planet to inhabit upon the complete consumption of what we have left here borders impossible and besides that extinction sucks. I love the natural Chaos of our world, not to mention the universe surrounding us and the planets natural beauty and I firmly disagree with the prospect of sacrificing the planet for the sake of easier living. Also with all the life that this planet holds and all the creatures that live here, as sentient beings doesn't it fall to us to make sure that life continues here for all living things and not to just bleed it dry until nothing remains. With so much at stake how could you not believe that even the concept of being a Planeteer to be anything less than amazing, it's the idea of groups of people willing to look beyond their own selfish needs and desires, and focusing on the grand scheme of things "The Preservation Of All Life On Earth" .
  • Daryl Warren

    Poland, Katowice
  • Harriett Ware

    Australia, Killimicat
  • Verity Wallace

    Perth, Australia
  • Louvenia Walder

    Netherlands, Wijk Bij Duurstede