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  • Ahmed Husein

    Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • Thuto Huma

    South Africa, Gauteng
    Fun and enjoy being with people, especially new people in my life.
  • Rex Huish

    Netherlands, Ridderkerk
  • Tashia Hrushka

    Edmonton. Canada
  • Aurelio Howie

    Austria, Schachenreith
  • Joy Houston

    New York
    My name is Joy Houston and I am from New York City. I am a college student and I am studying BA degree in sociology in Ashford University online and also, I am a visual artist who like to do a lot of paintings and I been doing art since the age of 8 years old. I want to be a planeteer because I am a fan of the animated series since I was a kid but I do still watch it everytime when It's on televison or youtube. I do want to join because not the cartoon but my community and the environment I live in. I live in Harlem and the community is kind of half and half (good & bad) with the drugs, dying of people getting shot, robbed, Etc...and also,people taking the trash and putting it in our harlem street. In a sidenote, I am taking a environment sciences course as learning thing about enviroment and the earth.
  • M. Arafat Hossain

  • Sherri Hoskin

    France, Avignon
  • Shelby Horner

    Campbell, USA
    I'm Shelby, I was born in Portland, OR, and moved to Campbell, CA in August of 2009. I went to an alternative school, and the teachers were big on recycling, and doing projects in the community that are for the better for the community and environment. They woke up in me what other schools I went to didn't, which was the Planeteer in me. My school had us do community service, and a few of the community service projects that we did that helped wake up the Planeteer in me are bicycle building, helping build computers out of old parts, helping plant plants in farms and learning how we grow things at home. I choose not to drive a car, so I can be one less car on the road. Public transportation works well enough for me. I choose to be a Planeteer because we only have one Earth, and the choices we make can effect it.
  • Gudrun Hooper

    Australia, Wye
  • Gertrude Honey

    Switzerland, Winterthur
  • Betsy Holmes

    Pomona, California
    I am the co creator of the planeteer project. And have been since August 2009. I'm 26 years old and attend citrus college. I love making the world a better healthier place.
  • Johnathan Hollingsworth

    Sweden, Horby
  • Cathern Holifield

    France, Pantin
  • Monique Hold

    I reduce, reuse and recycle.I cut back where I can and do my best to contribute back to the planet. I grow my own herbs and vegetables and instead of just pulling the pulg and wasting the bath water I use it to water the plants in the garden. I know they aren't huge things but every litlle bit helps. We think that small actions don’t matter...they matter…they make ALL the DIFFERENCE. What’s the key of CHANGE??? Simple actions that anybody can do that compound over TIME
  • Alejandra Hoke

    Belgium, Binderveld
  • Josie Hirth

    Poland, Warszawa
  • Graig Hinson

    Germany, Bleicherode
  • Janelle Hilton

    Germany, Mistelbach
  • Jett Hillgrove

    United States, Wheeling
  • Samantha Higgins

    Gold Coast, Australia
    I wanna save the planet for all creatures great and small!.....
  • Avis Heyne

    Germany, Schierke
  • Kali Heydon

    Belgium, Jabbeke
  • Katrice Hetrick

    Switzerland, Winterthur
  • Manuel Hernandez

    Bellingham, USA
  • Leoma Heritage

    Iceland, Fagurholsmyri
  • Caroline Her

    Canada, Drummondville
  • Racehl Henderson

    Murrieta, USA
    I'm Rachel. You say it like rush-el. Captain Planet is MY hero. Everything I saw him accomplish as a child inspired me, so now I strive to follow in his foot steps and make a change in the REAL world.
  • Lincoln Helmick

    United States, Arlington Heights
  • Debbra Heberling

    Great Britain, Pinn
  • Earnestine Haynes

    United States, Bellmore
  • beau Hawton

    Brisbane - Australia
    I love looking after the planet and helping others out....
  • Sophia Hawthorne

    United Kingdom, Ludgershall
  • Roxanne Hawker

    Germany, Dausenau
  • Nathan Havey

    Boston, MA, USA
    Nathan is the Political Director at Common Sense New Media Strategies where he works with local, national, and international organizations to optimize their online strategy and presence. In college, he was a founding member of a Men Against Rape group on his campus. He worked on Capitol Hill as the Director of eCommunications for a member of the U.S. House. Nathan has done video work for a variety of organizations and he is also one of the founders of ResponAbility X.
  • Loyd Hartford

    Brazil, Cuiaba
  • Ivan Harry

    Manila, Philippines
    I love animals. I love my dog Zac. I love dolphins and I condemn crimes related to these amazing creatures. I also collect dolphin-inspired anythings. And oh, I'm a YouTuber. :)
  • Maribel Harry

    Austria, Weitensfeld
  • Tyrece Harris

    Im a beast you can't see like my name was Waldo. I whoop thru crews like my name was Jose Aldo. Catch a feelin and I can end beef like a blessed butcher, it's God willing like takin pics in commericials like ash kutcher.
  • Sonia Harries

    Netherlands, Twijzel
  • Faith Harrell

    Australia, Springfield
  • Sammie Harrell

    United States, Oak Ridge
  • Laura-Ivy Harlow

    Pomona, USA
    I'm a college student studying Administration of Justice. I created The Planeteer Project in August 2009 in hopes of reviving the environmental values that Captain Planet taught my generation, as well as informing the upcoming generation.
  • Georgia Hardwick

    Norway, Borgenhaugen
  • Faye Hanks

    United States, Orange
  • Cathern Handley

    United States, Caldwell
  • Elmo Hamblin

    Denmark, Norresundby
  • Rebecca Hager

    France, Villemomble
  • Hosea Hagan

    Belgium, Kaggevinne
  • Cindy H.

    Los Angeles, CA
    I've been hiding from my tendency to be an environmentalist, but now it's time to start again. Captain Planet along with a Strobe-Talbott lecture and his book "Fast Forward" have rekindled my interest.