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  • Lucie Furnell

    Brazil, Natal
  • Suzanne French

    Houston, TX, USA
    I am a Tulane Law and London School of Economic graduate and have worked in a variety of industries doing legal and accounting consulting. I believe in the values and mission of Captain Planet and think that through all of our efforts, we can make this world a better place.
  • Loyd Freese

    United States, Larchmont
  • Melinda Fredricksen

    Italy, Ravarino
  • Veronica Franki

    Netherlands, Schiedam
  • Freddie Franke

    France, Agde
  • Angela Fowles

    Germany, Munchen
  • Adrian Fossey

    Australia, West Rockhampton
  • Archer Forde

    United States, East Aurora
  • Hallie Forbess

    Lexington, USA
  • Felix Fontan

    trujillo alto
  • David Folau

    Recycle Knowledge
  • Elwood Foelsche

    Austria, Dobra
  • Krystle Florence

    Great Britain, Henstead
  • Shawn Fleck

    Brazil, Sao Luis
  • Cindi Flannery

    Sweden, Porjus
  • Margareta Flanders

    Norway, Godvik
  • Annette Fitzsimmons

    United States, New York
  • Earl Fisher

    Netherlands, Heemskerk
  • Charlie Fish

    England, London
    Gonna take pollution down to zero. Go planet!!!!!!
  • Esteban Fiorini

    United States, Charlotte
  • Rueben Fincham

    United States, Fair Oaks
  • Simone Fidler

    Great Britain, Doune
  • Dylan Fick

    Born: Trenton, NJ Raised: Destin, FL Finished Secondary School: Tennessee College: New College of Florida Activities: Tennis, Writing, Reading, Being Awesome Interests: Anthropology, Law, The Environment, Writing, Literature, Kayaking
  • Mia Ferrante

    Carmel Valley, CA, USA
    Hello everyone, I am Mia Ferrante, I attend Monterey Peninsula College, and was born in the Monterey area. I do everything in my power to get my area to recycle and reserve energy by promoting safe efficient ways to drive cars. I also donate to the conservation of the forests around my area, I may be just one 20 year old, but my friends and I do our best to keep the area clean.
  • Archer Fernando

    Australia, Bundaberg West
  • Adriana Fenstermacher

    Brazil, Franco Da Rocha
  • Simon Fellmann

    Vienna, Austria
    High...let's see how to explain myself best. I've lived out there in space, in the galaxy Nemesis or M81 like it's called I'm here, trapped in a human body. I seen many human civilizations, but most of them overcome their differences and work together. Sure, we have over 200 different cultures and many subspecies living here, so this Task may seems a little unrealistic here... But, there are ways and for us it would be to give up the money worldwide and follow the F.o.G.(Federation of Galaxies). I've seen that civilation which Gene Roddenbarry made his Star Trek of...and they had 140 cultures left, after thier World War III. Our Technologie is so far, that one single Nuklear Rocked could wipe out the intier planet in the following nuklear winter! So if we don't do something fast, one nation may start one of this rockets. Not finished yet, but soon...
  • Deandre Feliciano

    Great Britain, Bures
  • Adrian Farnsworth

    Austria, Gigging
  • Leanne Falk

    Canada, Midland
  • Jesenia Fairweather

    Switzerland, Rudlingen