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  • Tiki Curnow

    Nagoya 名古屋市
    Hi I'm an Australian, an arts student majoring in Sociology and Japanese. At the moment I'm on exchange in Nagoya Japan. It is amazing seeing a culture through new eyes. It makes me examine both Japanese and my own society in a new light. Keep fighting the good fight!
  • Lavonda Cumming

    Norway, Halden
  • Dacia Culpepper

    Australia, Koraleigh
  • Alex Cuellar

    Born in 1992, I've always been kind of angry at people over the world tha think that this planet is for them to do whatever they want without taking consequences into consideration. I want to help this world be a better place, ecologically and socially
  • Marguerite Crossley

    France, Chatenay-Malabry

  • Eliza Cowan

    Sydney Australia
  • Maddison Couvreur

    Denmark, Kobenhavn K
  • Karol Courts

    Germany, Stralsund
  • Armando Correia

    United States, Louisville
  • Cornell Corlis

    Belgium, Leeuwergem
  • Erna Corley

    Iceland, Olafsvik
  • Philip Conteh

    I'm an african that identifies with being an earthling (:- )
  • Emory Collado

    Australia, Bolivia
  • Ashton Colin

  • Misty Cole

    Dodge City, USA
    I am 16 and willing to save the world from pollution. I am a Senior in Girl Scouts and a Sophomore in High School. For fun I play piano, guitar, trap set, and I like making projects to make the world a better place.
  • Ansley Colby

    GivingPoint is a nationwide community-based youth development organization that inspires a passion for learning and service through cutting edge technology resources, virtual educational modules, and hands-on volunteer opportunities. GivingPoint was created to equip youth with an Internet platform that encourages collaboration, interaction and creativity. With a support network of peers, businesses, schools, and nonprofits, we are harnessing the passions and energy of young people to create a better world.
  • Cole Clymer

    Italy, Taverna Di Monte Colombo
  • Ferne Claude

    Netherlands, Den Haag
  • Reuben Clark

    Belgium, Isnes
  • Minnie Chumleigh

    Netherlands, Deventer
  • Shari Christmas

    Great Britain, Aultvoulin
  • Geraldo Chowne

    Italy, Su Pinu
  • Gus Chinn

    Canada, Hamilton
  • Lukcy Charms

    Hyattsville, USA
  • Pippa Chapman

    I'm passionate about the environment, recycling/reusing and animals.I reduce my mark on the earth as much as possible. I try to educate family and friends but it is not always easy. I used to belong to a kid's environmental group called Millennium Kids; it was run by kids for kids.
  • brenda channer bimpong

    st pete florida, U.S.A.
  • Bradley Chance

    Iceland, Stykkisholmur
  • Lara Champlin

    Brazil, Jaboatao Dos Guararapes
  • Augustus Challis

    Austria, Braunotzhof
  • Selene Castanon

    Germany, Barleben
  • Brodie Casner

    Netherlands, Heerlen
  • Steven Carreira

    toronto, canada
    I'm a vegetarian, environmentalist, and Canadian-Portuguese. The black sheep of the family and consider myself a "Gaia" follower....shes my religion, basically respecting her and doing what i can to be "Green". I do eco-gardening for a small circle of clients and love taking care of my many pets(fish, birds, frogs, turtles, geckos...). i enjoy growing many plants in my apt and if i had more natural light, i would turn my apt into a jungle. i would love to pack up and move out of the big city and live in the country and work for trade and not money, grow my own food and plants, build a natural-eco pool and have a place to let my pets roam free. Anything else you want to know just ask.
  • Micah Carr

    Union City, US
    I always wanted to help the earth in many ways.
  • Stephan CARNIER

    Martinique F.W.I.
    I'm the Director of Publication of a new generation magazine. Using no paper, having a real interest for the protection of the planet. We promote the Caribbean destinations, events and brands through sport.
  • Lenore Carnahan

    United States, Piscataway
  • Newton Cantero

    Italy, Chignolo D'isola
  • Roscoe Cadle

    France, Frejus