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  • Trevor Butts

    United States, Irvine
  • Dorothy Busby

    Austria, Halt
  • matthew Burgess

  • Hector Burdette

    United States, Cincinnati
  • Quentin Buckingham

    France, Schoelcher
  • Gertie Buck

    Netherlands, Ede
  • Pedro Brydon

    France, Tarbes
  • Lisa Bryant

    Melbourne, Australia
    Having completed a BSc with a major in Zoology along with a Cert IV in Animal Technology my focus has largely been on the conservation, care and rights of animals, both domestic and wild. Now working towards a career in education I aim to raise awareness to our future Planeteers in protecting our environment and the life it supports. While I always had an ambition to become a scientist Captain Planet played a significant role in my interest and pursuit of ecological studies.
  • Son Brown

    Austria, Brunn
  • Becky Broadbent

    Australia, Gold Coast
    I grew up with Captain Planet, and now that I'm studying to become a teacher (almost finished!) I've looked back and seen how truly awesome it is to make being environmentally responsible cool. I learned that it's up to me to make good choices and set good examples, and I hope with the help of Captain Planet I can teach the generations to come that THE POWER IS YOURS!
  • Reuben Briskie

  • Collin Briscoe

    Elkton, MD, USA
    My name is Collin Briscoe. I am 21. I work at Bayside Community Network. I am the son of Marvin and Mildred Harrigan. I recycle on Sundays and Wednesdays. I mow the lawn, take out the trash, clean my room and wash dishes for money and also I make droppers. I am a good Planeteer.
  • Tony Brendel

    Winston Salem
    I graduated Brevard College in 2009 with my Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education. Captain Planet may have not been my favorite TV show compared to spider-man or something, but it has impacted my decisions, outlook, and life through what it taught me when I was young!
  • Coleman Brehm

    Germany, Wernberg-Koblitz
  • Ramon Breeden

    Austria, Tulfes
  • Rian Bowker

    Royal Oak,MI, USA
  • Sherrill Bowens

    France, Creil
  • Foster Boulger

    France, Cannes
  • Annis Boucicault

    Italy, Casola
  • Kian Borrie

    Germany, Ludwigshafen Am Rhein Ruchheim
  • Brittny Borders

    Poland, Olsztyn
  • Sue Bordelon

    Netherlands, Lemmer
  • Gale Bonney

    Belgium, Bellevaux-Ligneuville
  • Adam Bonner

    Columbus, OH, USA
    I care about protecting and preserving our planet. I have started a recycling program at every job I have worked. I help the Captain find local events to attend and recruit new planeteers. I caught this candid pict of Our hero for earth test driving a new Zero Emission fuel cell car. Imagine that driving with out any pollution.
  • Jeannie Blohm

    Switzerland, Thun
  • Bebe Blohm

    Italy, Magliano Alfieri
  • Lynn Block

    Poland, Lodz
  • Shona Blaxland

    Sweden, Vallakra
  • Florrie Blackmore

    Great Britain, Caddletown
  • tony bishop-weston

    New Forest, UK
    Please help us set a new World Record for health and sustainability - celebrate One World Day - Happy Birthday to your, your body, your friends your neighbours and the planet
  • Bernardo Binns

    United Kingdom, Thornicombe
  • Margherita Biggs

    Australia, Kiwarrak
  • Glinda Bieber

    Switzerland, Egg
  • Arpita Bhattacharya

    Well i love my planet and try to do my bit to keep it clean and pollution free. I love nature and know the value of clean green Mother Earth. :)
  • Claire Bey

    Austria, Arzl
  • Sylvia Bettencourt

    Switzerland, Cheseaux-Noreaz
  • Dan Bernardo

    Columbia, SC
    Ok, so here is what I do... Sword arts: I teach Battojutsu (抜刀術), Iaijutsu (居合術), Kenjutsu (剣術), and Fiorean Longsword Spiritual Practice: Barefoot Zen (素足禅), General mindfulness and prayer, Claralience (ask me, it's complicated). Theory: I study the following with the utmost intensity and sincerity... Comparative Religion - with emphasis on historical accuracy, logical tangibility, and spiritual integrity. I am a Roman Catholic, a Barefootist, a Zen Buddhist, and a follower of the universe insofar as it moves me. I do not follow man or a book. Above all, I am a Barefootist Monk (think of Discalced Carmelite, of which I find many similarities in charism). Barefootism is a spiritual path defined by the intentional act of being barefoot. This act allows for a deeper connection to the Earth and the Divine, as well as a more patient and mindful disposition to the moment. It represents a respectful reaction to the environment, and an aspiration to living a compassionate life full of empathy, simplicity, and humility. Sword - with all of it's aspects. Practical, historical, aesthetics, etc... I teach Japanese sword, and I do quality-control for a sword company. I also study historical manuals on Eastern and Western sword fighting, hoping to better understand the intricacies therein. -- And no matter what I do, I am almost ALWAYS barefoot.
  • Bren Bera

    Springfield, US
    just a 90s kid that believes in helping.
  • Verona Benson

    United States, Augusta
  • Katia Benini

    Training to be a Dive Master in scuba diving. Have an enormous passion for Wild life and hope to be some sort of David Attenborough, documenting travel, cultures, wild life and how we must protect our planet.
  • Vickey Benes

    Netherlands, Amsterdam
  • Lawrence Becker

    Italy, Lases
  • Mohammed Bechtel

    United States, Holmen
  • Patty Beaurepaire

    Australia, Darkwood
  • Terrie Beatty

    Great Britain, Bogbain
  • Fran Beatty

    Denmark, Kobenhavn K
  • Willard Baylis

    Australia, West Bundaleer
  • Nathaniel Bavister

    Belgium, Haren
  • Trevor Bartlett

    Atlanta, GA, USA
    I loved the show as a kid and as I got older I realized how important it is to be good to our planet. I try to implement my skills as a video/graphic designer by coming up with ways to move being 'green' from a trend to a way of life for everyone.
  • Casey Bartlem

    Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
    like 2 party, dance and drink. if it's fun i will do it. u live once so go crazy. Been with Jason for 5years, and i'm so happy.I don't know what i do with out him.i've never been this happy before :D :D :D :D :D :D hey i'm 21 i've got 2 tattoos 4 piercings. Don't know what i would do with out my best friends.......... i've been with my bf for 5 years and i love him so much don't know what i do with out him... want to spend the rest of my life with him... he rock's my world
  • Gavin Barrientos

    Denmark, Kobenhavn V
  • Eva Barnes

    Great Britain, Hayling Island
  • Daniella Bard

    United States, Allen
  • Myra Bar

    Italy, Morgex
  • Kelsey Banvard

    Switzerland, Seiry
  • LEDARS Bangladesh

    Khulna, Bangladesh
    LEDARS is a environmental NGO working in the southwest Bangladesh on climate change, environmental conservation, water and sanitation and human rights issues since 1998.
  • Carroll Bancroft

    Great Britain, Harlington
  • Salvador Bancks

    Canada, St Gedeon De Beauce
  • Ben Ballard

    Bardstown, Kentucky, United States, North America, Earth, Milky Way
    Captain Planet, he's our hero. Gonna take pollution down to zero!
  • Lane Ballard

    Germany, Reppenstedt
  • Dannie Baer

    Netherlands, Valkenswaard