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  • Usman Aziz

    London, United Kingdom
  • Quinton Atencio

    Netherlands, Grave
  • Maryjo Ashkanasy

    Great Britain, Baile Raghaill
  • Carlos Asche

    Australia, Glendale
  • Aomi Armster

    Los Angeles, USA
    I am a 25 year old Angsty Artist. I strive to learn and better myself along with those around me. Spreading the good health of mind, body, and planet. Light. Love. Peace. I've been crawling around the internet since 1994. My main handles are youkai-hime and AomiArmster. I use AomiArmster the most and is the namesake of one of my characters I've made for art and stories. I have even made Aomi Armster dolls. Aomi Armster is a shape-shifting shadow demon. My hobbies are; drawing, music ( I play the piano), writing, martial arts(Hapkido), video games, and studying ( I love to learn). I Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.
  • Adrian Arellano

    H-town, US of A
    Earth is supreme overlord of this and any other solar I right? Each time i see pollution, I make a Native American cry. I do my part by not messing with Texas.
  • Thomas Appiah

  • Dexter Andrus

    France, Saint-Malo
  • Ioana Andone

  • Nick Anderson

    Atlanta, USA
    I am an Atlanta-based film/video major at Georgia State University. I serve as Georgia State Television's (GSTV) Program Director, where I produce various television shows and films. I grew up watching Captain Plantet and am proud to be able to air it on GSTV. I am excited to participate in the Planeteer Movement and spread the word.
  • Michael Anastasi

    Rockland MA
    So me and a friend made a rock-paper-sissors type game that is based off of Captain Planet. Its a blast to play to find the rules go to The game is called Tchu-Bon! It works the same as Rock Paper Sissors except it uses Earth Fire Wind Water and Heart. Please if this sounds like something that you and your friends would play then check out the web site. Its good for any type of decison making. For example you and your friend cant come to a compromise on where to eat or what to do... Tchu-Bon! Cant deside who to pass that to? Tchu-Bon! its loads of fun. Here's the website
  • Kwame Ampah

    I love captain planet
  • Michael Kobena Amfosah

  • Roger Amaral

    Germany, Morbach
  • Angelina Alvarez

    Australia, Happy Valley
  • Magnolia Alcantar

    Germany, Gallmersgarten
  • Madeleine Alanson

    Belgium, Liernu
  • SK Foysal Alam

    Dhaka, Bangladesh
    I love Captain Planet at my childhood. I want to work for a best planet.
  • Reva Akins

    Sweden, Solna
  • Imran Ahmed

    A.G.B ColonyDhaka
    I studying BBA on Accounting And Finance under North South University.
  • Fatima Ahmed

    I am 19, a final year Engineering student, a researcher, debater, orator, and a part time poet. I love nature and have attended various forums and workshops; and volunteered for community service. This is definitely the place for me! =)
  • Margarita Ahmed

    United States, Macon
  • Afua Agyepong

    Just me.
  • Sandra Adjei

    Ghana, Accra
  • Shakiel Alex Abrahams

    Waterford, Ireland
    I was born in Cape Town, South Africa but now living in Republic of Ireland! I have always tried to do what i can to try and keep this beautiful planet of ours healthy and clean... even if its something as simple as picking up a piece of paper fluttering in the wind! I believe that we should learn to live in harmony with Mother Earth by only taking what we need and no more! I we do not look after our home, who will?
  • Seymour Abdullah

    Belgium, Soulme
  • shifat Aajan