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  • Sabrina Patel

    Washington, DC
    When They Thrive, We all Thrive. Come Check us out at and join our online community at !
  • Jose Mejia

    San Diego United States Of America
    Well... What can I say. When I was a lil' kid, like 8 through 10 years old I came across this great and fascinating show. I was inspired by it further down into the pre-teen stage and early teenage years. Till now it still affect's Ever since then I have taken the me. ever since then I have taken the responsibility off recycling paper & cardboard & almost about everything that can be redone into something. Now In my 25th year's of life I have reduced my shower time from 30 minutes to 20 minutes, & while showering I use the pause button on my new shower head that I purchased on October/2010. I still have frequent arguments with my family & my coworkers & my friends. Specially with my nationals from Mexico.
  • Arpita Bhattacharya

    Well i love my planet and try to do my bit to keep it clean and pollution free. I love nature and know the value of clean green Mother Earth. :)
  • Kyle King

    Atlanta, GA, USA
    We're the Planeteers; You can be one too!
  • Nate Slater

    Watched Captain Planet as a kid. Web developer "trying" to embrace and introduce green technology and ethical standards to the development community.
  • Adam Pickering

    Rotherham, United Kingdom
    Was a big fan of captain planet as a kid. Recently started watching the series again from the beginning and it's just revived the old fan in me. I'm a writer in terms of career. Fantasy novels. While none have been published I keep trying. As a job I'm qualified in childcare but these days I find myself just doing retail to pay the bills.
  • nana danso

    Accra, Ghana
    Want to contribute my quota to help save our planet as an entrepreneur.
  • Aaron Laduke

    turning golf green!
  • Katia Benini

    Training to be a Dive Master in scuba diving. Have an enormous passion for Wild life and hope to be some sort of David Attenborough, documenting travel, cultures, wild life and how we must protect our planet.
  • Paul Watson

    The possibility of our species finding a suitable planet to inhabit upon the complete consumption of what we have left here borders impossible and besides that extinction sucks. I love the natural Chaos of our world, not to mention the universe surrounding us and the planets natural beauty and I firmly disagree with the prospect of sacrificing the planet for the sake of easier living. Also with all the life that this planet holds and all the creatures that live here, as sentient beings doesn't it fall to us to make sure that life continues here for all living things and not to just bleed it dry until nothing remains. With so much at stake how could you not believe that even the concept of being a Planeteer to be anything less than amazing, it's the idea of groups of people willing to look beyond their own selfish needs and desires, and focusing on the grand scheme of things "The Preservation Of All Life On Earth" .
  • jacob sherrod

    strange. but i have always had a naturistic side.
  • Michael Anastasi

    Rockland MA
    So me and a friend made a rock-paper-sissors type game that is based off of Captain Planet. Its a blast to play to find the rules go to The game is called Tchu-Bon! It works the same as Rock Paper Sissors except it uses Earth Fire Wind Water and Heart. Please if this sounds like something that you and your friends would play then check out the web site. Its good for any type of decison making. For example you and your friend cant come to a compromise on where to eat or what to do... Tchu-Bon! Cant deside who to pass that to? Tchu-Bon! its loads of fun. Here's the website
  • Karly O'Connell

    Saving the world, one fishy at a time.
  • gregory samakande

    save the planet.wel im a bit by mysele here bt i love being a planeteer.ilove nature.
  • David Folau

    Recycle Knowledge
  • tony bishop-weston

    New Forest, UK
    Please help us set a new World Record for health and sustainability - celebrate One World Day - Happy Birthday to your, your body, your friends your neighbours and the planet
  • Will Dirickx- Jones

    Sydney, Australia
    Planeteer from Oz, I work in media and communications. I love being creative, making music and videos and all those fun things. The causes I'm passionate about include animal welfare, clean drinking water and I'm also interested in how art in all its forms can be used in the mission to save earth!
  • Planeteer at heart. Wedding ceremony with an acknowledgement to the 4 elements: earth, air, fire & water. Lover of animals & nature. David Attenborough thank you xoxo
  • Dan Bernardo

    Columbia, SC
    Ok, so here is what I do... Sword arts: I teach Battojutsu (抜刀術), Iaijutsu (居合術), Kenjutsu (剣術), and Fiorean Longsword Spiritual Practice: Barefoot Zen (素足禅), General mindfulness and prayer, Claralience (ask me, it's complicated). Theory: I study the following with the utmost intensity and sincerity... Comparative Religion - with emphasis on historical accuracy, logical tangibility, and spiritual integrity. I am a Roman Catholic, a Barefootist, a Zen Buddhist, and a follower of the universe insofar as it moves me. I do not follow man or a book. Above all, I am a Barefootist Monk (think of Discalced Carmelite, of which I find many similarities in charism). Barefootism is a spiritual path defined by the intentional act of being barefoot. This act allows for a deeper connection to the Earth and the Divine, as well as a more patient and mindful disposition to the moment. It represents a respectful reaction to the environment, and an aspiration to living a compassionate life full of empathy, simplicity, and humility. Sword - with all of it's aspects. Practical, historical, aesthetics, etc... I teach Japanese sword, and I do quality-control for a sword company. I also study historical manuals on Eastern and Western sword fighting, hoping to better understand the intricacies therein. -- And no matter what I do, I am almost ALWAYS barefoot.
  • khalid Mansur

    Dhaka, Bangladesh
    No war, no pain. Just peace.......
  • Nathan Havey

    Boston, MA, USA
    Nathan is the Political Director at Common Sense New Media Strategies where he works with local, national, and international organizations to optimize their online strategy and presence. In college, he was a founding member of a Men Against Rape group on his campus. He worked on Capitol Hill as the Director of eCommunications for a member of the U.S. House. Nathan has done video work for a variety of organizations and he is also one of the founders of ResponAbility X.
  • Santigie Bayo Dumbuya

    Sierra Leone
    Name: Santigie Bayo Dumbuya Country: Sierra Leone Age: 29 1.My favorite principles: Respect and care for the community of life 2.Profession/background: I am a student/Youth led-development Activist pursuing the course of National Diploma in Business Administration and Management at the Milton Margai College of Education and Technology Congo Cross Campus, year ll. Also, I am the imatter March Campaign on climate change and global warming Leader and also Co-founder and Programme Coordinator of My Own children International organization Sierra Leone chapter. It is a children charity organization which has its headquarter based in Alberta Canada, working on health, education, agriculture, peace and conflict including environment with regards to children and young people. The organization through my hard work and colleagues’ now have partners/Members in Sierra Leone and beyond, such as; Links for change in London (www.links4change.con) , UNDP-CSOs Forum, WaterAid ( , African Youth Initiative on Climate Change(AYICC), Clean up the world Australia ( , Campaign for Just Mining (CJM-SL),etc . I am also highly interested in working for the Planeteer Movement in Sierra Leone. My life goal is: To develop my educational and technical skills to better equip and response to issues affecting mankind in the global world through partnership, friendship, exchange programs, resources mobilization and impact the talent gained and buy to others.
  • Nadie Johnson

    Nadie :) I love Captain Planet and Duke Nukem is the best Eco Villain :D
  • Mary Murphy

    Birmingham, Alabama, USA
    My name is Mary and I'm 22, I was adopted from Paraguay in South America. I am a Guarani Indian of Paraguay. I want to speak the native Paraguayan Guarani and I don't speak Spanish. I've lived in the USA since I was 4 months old. I've always loved being outside and I love animals. I have a passion for them. I named my stuffed animal, which is a monkey, Suchi. I have always had a big heart and I care about the world around me. I plan to cosplay Ma-Ti from Captain Planet and the Planeteers soon and even Gaia as well. Captain Planet should have never been taken off the air. I always watched it when I was little and I still love it to this day. I like to cosplay different characters from movies, video games, and anime. I like going to conventions such as Kami Con, Sukoshicon, and AWA.
  • Justin Roy

    Grand Prairie, TX, USA
    My name is Justin and I'm a Planeteer.
  • Joy Houston

    New York
    My name is Joy Houston and I am from New York City. I am a college student and I am studying BA degree in sociology in Ashford University online and also, I am a visual artist who like to do a lot of paintings and I been doing art since the age of 8 years old. I want to be a planeteer because I am a fan of the animated series since I was a kid but I do still watch it everytime when It's on televison or youtube. I do want to join because not the cartoon but my community and the environment I live in. I live in Harlem and the community is kind of half and half (good & bad) with the drugs, dying of people getting shot, robbed, Etc...and also,people taking the trash and putting it in our harlem street. In a sidenote, I am taking a environment sciences course as learning thing about enviroment and the earth.
  • Jessica Loy

    My name is Jessica I'm 22 yrs old and I sing country music. I've loved to sing ever since I was a kid I was always singing every where I went. I've performed in the Montgomery Idol twice and I'm studying to get my GED for my High School Diploma.
  • Collin Briscoe

    Elkton, MD, USA
    My name is Collin Briscoe. I am 21. I work at Bayside Community Network. I am the son of Marvin and Mildred Harrigan. I recycle on Sundays and Wednesdays. I mow the lawn, take out the trash, clean my room and wash dishes for money and also I make droppers. I am a good Planeteer.
  • Georgian Gheorghe

    Bucharest, ROMANIA
    My Home is with God in Heaven
  • Khanya Ngonyama

    Johannesburg, South Africa
    Microbiologist passionate about water & environmental issues. I stay in Johannesburg, South Africa for an environmental consulting firm. Studied at Wits University, Rhodes University & the University of Surrey. Always been a Captain Planet fan since the age of 12.
  • Monterrey
    Mexican Animal Rights and Enviromental Activist Biology Student
  • Melanie Goux

    Melanie Goux is a motion graphic designer, author and political designer. She is a member of professional organizations such as the Broadcast Design Association, The American Institute of Graphic Arts, and is a founding board member of the Center for Design Study. She serves on the board of The Fulton County Arts Council, and in several elected and appointed positions within Democratic or Progressive organizations in Georgia. Melanie is Creative Director of Television by Design, Inc., a nationally recognized firm specializing in the design and production of on-air identities for television stations and networks. During her 25-year career, her work has appeared on over 100 television stations throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. In 2010, she launched Campaigns by Design to help Democratic and Progressive candidates and organizations prevail.
  • Ioana Andone


  • Louise Yeung

    Chicago, IL, USA
    Louise Yeung is the Development Director for SustainUS and served as a youth delegate to the 2011 UN climate change negotiations in Durban, South Africa. Louise is also a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she studies public participation in environmental planning and design. Please feel free to contact her at for more information about the climate talks, SustainUS, or how young people can get involved in other UN conferences!
  • Edsel Mendoza

    Like most of today's planeteers, I grew up loving the series and slowly incorporating the lessons in my life. Through music, art, and writing, i hope to inspire people to start caring more about the environment one step at a time. :)
  • Casey Bartlem

    Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
    like 2 party, dance and drink. if it's fun i will do it. u live once so go crazy. Been with Jason for 5years, and i'm so happy.I don't know what i do with out him.i've never been this happy before :D :D :D :D :D :D hey i'm 21 i've got 2 tattoos 4 piercings. Don't know what i would do with out my best friends.......... i've been with my bf for 5 years and i love him so much don't know what i do with out him... want to spend the rest of my life with him... he rock's my world
  • LEDARS Bangladesh

    Khulna, Bangladesh
    LEDARS is a environmental NGO working in the southwest Bangladesh on climate change, environmental conservation, water and sanitation and human rights issues since 1998.
  • Kristie Giannetto

    Boston, MA, USA
    Kristie is an avid environmentalist who is constantly searching for ways to integrate her passions for nature, travel, and human life. Gaia's work in bringing all of the Planeteers together and her creation of Captain Planet motivate Kristie to promote a sustainable way of life around the world. She is currently pursuing her MBA in Non-profit and Social/Environmental Impact Management and working for an eco-friendly, philanthropic travel company called Elevate Destinations. Go Planet!
  • Karan Khosla

    Delhi, India
    Karan Khosla is 27 years old. He is the founder of EarthSafe Enterprises, an organization based in New Delhi, whose aim is to help organizations achieve sustainability through systems thinking; Karan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Applied Mathematics from Boston University. Formerly, Director of Operations at the South Asia Foundation, one of the largest private grant-giving organizations in the region, Karan was instrumental in developing institutions of excellence and programmes to promote regional cooperation and development amongst the eight South Asian countries. He is a devoted guitar player and spends his free time composing music.
  • Afua Agyepong

    Just me.
  • J D

    Just keeping it real, throwing my trash in the gutter and abducting dolphins
  • Seth Leingang

    McKinney, TX, USA
    Just another kid that wants to save the planet
  • Bren Bera

    Springfield, US
    just a 90s kid that believes in helping.
  • Jeffrey Omura

    New York, NY
    Jeffrey is a proud graduate of Carnegie Mellon University where he studied Drama and Political Science. He serves as Vice Chairman of the Afghan Education Peace Foundation, a not-for-profit dedicated to providing educational opportunities in U.S. colleges and universities for Afghanistan's brightest students. He's also a writer and actor having appeared in various roles in film, television, and theater; including Gossip Girl, Damages, Georgetown, and Sex & the City 2.
  • Magnus von der Brelie

    Bremen Germany
    I´m 34 years old. I have an Universal Believing and I love Gaia very much. I´m searching for a Woman for Lifepartnership but she have to fight for the Future of the Earth as well like I do. My Email adress is I made my education in a Factory ( Factoryworker ). But I´m learning more. Bujinkan Martial Arts of Japan and China. And i´m working in a Teenagermeetingpoint. I do a lot of things to help the Earth but ( Gaia : You never succsed alone ).
  • Maxx Pelofske

    Ive been a Planeteer since I was little like 1992... When I was little I thought Gee Was Native American and I wanted to be her. Now I know shes Asian and I still wanna be her hahah. Maxxie, Saving the Planet One Bud at a Time... 420<3
  • Barbara Pyle

    Atlanta, GA
    In 1989, I created the series Captain Planet and the Planeteers with Ted Turner. I led the production team with my colleagues Nick Boxer and Thom Beers. The show premiered in 1990 to worldwide acclaim, and the resulting generation of eco-literate youth has astonished me with their potential. Now in their 20s and 30s, I am approached daily by fans of the series who describe the series' impact on their life decisions. I am inspired myself by the amazing progress the Planeteer Movement has made since launch in 2010. The Power is Yours!
  • Rin O'Flaherty

    loveland, colorado USA
    im rin hi
  • Tyrece Harris

    Im a beast you can't see like my name was Waldo. I whoop thru crews like my name was Jose Aldo. Catch a feelin and I can end beef like a blessed butcher, it's God willing like takin pics in commericials like ash kutcher.
  • Ian Storrar

    New York, NY, USA
    Ian works in New York, NY in the IT industry. He spent 5 years in Washington, DC working for nonprofits in the civic field as Director of Youth and Volunteers Programs at Common Cause, and as COO at Ian has been a Planeteer since it first aired and has always seen Captain Planet and the Planeteers as central to how he and his peers view the world today.
  • Cindy H.

    Los Angeles, CA
    I've been hiding from my tendency to be an environmentalist, but now it's time to start again. Captain Planet along with a Strobe-Talbott lecture and his book "Fast Forward" have rekindled my interest.
  • Allyssa Lewis

    Atlanta, GA, USA
    I've been a planeteer for as long as I can remember. As a child I found ways around my house and community to better the planet based on what I had learned from the show. Lol, sometimes my parents got really involved and would make projects a family-wide affair. My favorite activity was reusing items that we would generally throw away, like paper towel rolls and drink bottles. I still used recycled items in my artwork today.
  • Dayton, OH
    I've always been a naturalist, and Captain Planet was one of my favorite shows as a kid. I was so excited to stumble across this website!
  • South Hadley, USA
    I'm the Eco-Rep Coordinator at Mont Holyoke College. I'm also majoring in environmental studies with a concentration in sustainable development there.
  • Stephan CARNIER

    Martinique F.W.I.
    I'm the Director of Publication of a new generation magazine. Using no paper, having a real interest for the protection of the planet. We promote the Caribbean destinations, events and brands through sport.
  • Shelby Horner

    Campbell, USA
    I'm Shelby, I was born in Portland, OR, and moved to Campbell, CA in August of 2009. I went to an alternative school, and the teachers were big on recycling, and doing projects in the community that are for the better for the community and environment. They woke up in me what other schools I went to didn't, which was the Planeteer in me. My school had us do community service, and a few of the community service projects that we did that helped wake up the Planeteer in me are bicycle building, helping build computers out of old parts, helping plant plants in farms and learning how we grow things at home. I choose not to drive a car, so I can be one less car on the road. Public transportation works well enough for me. I choose to be a Planeteer because we only have one Earth, and the choices we make can effect it.
  • Shannah Mays

    Sparta, USA
    I'm Shannah, I'm unique just like everyone else. But, I am pretty friggin' awesome if you ask around. ; 3
  • Racehl Henderson

    Murrieta, USA
    I'm Rachel. You say it like rush-el. Captain Planet is MY hero. Everything I saw him accomplish as a child inspired me, so now I strive to follow in his foot steps and make a change in the REAL world.
  • Pippa Chapman

    I'm passionate about the environment, recycling/reusing and animals.I reduce my mark on the earth as much as possible. I try to educate family and friends but it is not always easy. I used to belong to a kid's environmental group called Millennium Kids; it was run by kids for kids.
  • theory mercury

    I'm going to take pollution down to zero
  • Walnut Creek, U.S.
    I'm for world gayness.
  • Harmanjot Singh

    I'm currently in dental school and a big fan of captain planet since childhood. Its one of those rare shows that taught me few things that could change the world and stop us from going to where we are heading if things go unchanged. I wish to contribute to this movement to my full potential.
  • Eric Obeng

    I'm cool gentleman who delights about the care of the environment. I hate to see the environment being distroyed. I'm married with two children. We all live in Accra
  • Philip Conteh

    I'm an african that identifies with being an earthling (:- )
  • Alice Tumblescribbleson

    I'm Alice Tumblescribbleson.
  • Steven Carreira

    toronto, canada
    I'm a vegetarian, environmentalist, and Canadian-Portuguese. The black sheep of the family and consider myself a "Gaia" follower....shes my religion, basically respecting her and doing what i can to be "Green". I do eco-gardening for a small circle of clients and love taking care of my many pets(fish, birds, frogs, turtles, geckos...). i enjoy growing many plants in my apt and if i had more natural light, i would turn my apt into a jungle. i would love to pack up and move out of the big city and live in the country and work for trade and not money, grow my own food and plants, build a natural-eco pool and have a place to let my pets roam free. Anything else you want to know just ask.
  • Riikka Leijavuori

    Helsinki, Finland
    I'm a teacher and do my best every day to get my kids join the Planeteers :)
  • Manchester UK
    I'm a passionate and committed founding member of the ONE planet shop,54 Abbey Street, Accrington, Lancashire.
  • Lauren Yanochik

    Atlanta, USA
    I'm a Level 6 vegan and lifetime dirty hippie. It sounds better to say Planeteer, though. ~Dirty Feet All The Time~
  • Erwin Lagmay

    San Francisco USA
    I'm a geek I love to watch anime & play ALOT of video games. My hobbie is Boxing and Martial Arts. Captain Planet is 1 of my fevorete cartoons ever. When I 1st watch it when I was a kid it touch me.
  • Laura-Ivy Harlow

    Pomona, USA
    I'm a college student studying Administration of Justice. I created The Planeteer Project in August 2009 in hopes of reviving the environmental values that Captain Planet taught my generation, as well as informing the upcoming generation.
  • Cat Mackey

    I work for a marine research and rescue centre and i hate seeing marine life caught in drift nets and killed by other things man have left behind
  • Mark Platt

    I watched the TV program as a kid in the early 1990s and really liked it. I'm glad to see that the TV program has not been forgotten and I am a loyal planeteer.
  • Kiel, Germany
    I watched the show when I was a kid, now I'm doing a master in environmental management :)
  • Carmen Guerrero

    Phoenix, USA
    I watched Captain Planet as a kid, and it's still one of my favorite shows. It's probably the one that has had the most impact, as I did become a Planeteer, and it has served as inspiration for my Elemental stories. I'm planning to turn it into a series. My favorite episodes, well, they're all my favorites, actually, but if I have to narrow it down, they are Night of the Wolf, Twilight Ozone, and Greenhouse Planet. The first one because I'm a huge cat lover, and even though it's not about cats, cats are predators, just like the wolves. I like how Gaia explains how important predators are. I get many odd looks when I say the same thing. People think that because they kill other animals for food, they must be bad. But I mean, have you ever seen the size of those herds of wildebeest and zebra migrate?! And from watching and reading so much on cats, I've learned hunting isn't simply killing anything. They have a lot to learn to survive. Choosing the right target, taking into account the terrain, the weather, wind, everything. I really hope that we will never talk about big cats the way we talk about dinosaurs. The other two because of the greenhouse effect and the ozone layer. Living in a place where the weather goes into the 120s most of the year, I'm especially interested in the effects of the greenhouse effect. Living in such weather is horrid enough here in this patch that I don't know why people decided to build a city here, imagine the entire planet being that temperature?! Not if I can help do something about it, however little that may be. I'm also interested in the themes in the episodes with Nukem. That comes from reading Asimov's Pebble in the Sky, Robot and extended Foundation novels. Good stories, although I must admit I do find the idea of a radioactive Earth very upsetting. Environmentalism isn't really a theme in his writing, but I think it does cover it a bit in that in Pebble in the Sky, The Caves of Steel, Robots and Empire, and Foundation and Earth, especially with the overpopulation in The Caves of Steel. Oh, wow, I really have written quite a bit, haven't I? Few people show any interests or care about my environmentalism ideas, especially my parents who scorn on such things. But our planet and the creatures we share it with do mean a lot to me. It's good to know there are other people out there who care about our planet, too.
  • Shakiel Alex Abrahams

    Waterford, Ireland
    I was born in Cape Town, South Africa but now living in Republic of Ireland! I have always tried to do what i can to try and keep this beautiful planet of ours healthy and clean... even if its something as simple as picking up a piece of paper fluttering in the wind! I believe that we should learn to live in harmony with Mother Earth by only taking what we need and no more! I we do not look after our home, who will?
  • Samantha Higgins

    Gold Coast, Australia
    I wanna save the planet for all creatures great and small!.....
  • Natalia Jiménez

    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    I think one of the most inspiring things in my childhood were the captain planet tv show. I have grown up as a latin american citizen , borned in Colombia, very concerned about the destruction of our jungles, rivers, the water. I always wanted to be a planeteer. The world really need many of us, to inspire, educate, promote, and stop this massive destruction we´re causing to our earth. It is a matter of awareness. I have worked in my career in tourism and I am passionate about tourism´s potential for the conservation, education and promoting international understanding. I would love to meet many planeteers and be a part of as many campaigns as I could support.
  • Imran Ahmed

    A.G.B ColonyDhaka
    I studying BBA on Accounting And Finance under North South University.
  • Rusk, USA
    I study and implement alternative energy systems such as parabolic and passive solar ovens aswell as crystal technologies for structuring and invigorating water for life. I develop and use technologies that help to passively clean the environment such as grounded orgonite materials. I also find ways to cleanse and empower foods and drinks. Contact me for more information.
  • Lukas Dettlinger

    Windsor, Ontario
    I revere and celebrate the Universe as the totality of being, past, present and future. It is self-organizing, ever-evolving and inexhaustibly diverse. Its overwhelming power, beauty and fundamental mystery compel the deepest human reverence and wonder. We, by extension are a part of this Universe, and we came from nature. We need to respect where we came from, all the while look into the future to what we may become.
  • Monique Hold

    I reduce, reuse and recycle.I cut back where I can and do my best to contribute back to the planet. I grow my own herbs and vegetables and instead of just pulling the pulg and wasting the bath water I use it to water the plants in the garden. I know they aren't huge things but every litlle bit helps. We think that small actions don’t matter...they matter…they make ALL the DIFFERENCE. What’s the key of CHANGE??? Simple actions that anybody can do that compound over TIME
  • Eric Ingram

    I only mulch when it comes to mowing the lawn.
  • Trevor Bartlett

    Atlanta, GA, USA
    I loved the show as a kid and as I got older I realized how important it is to be good to our planet. I try to implement my skills as a video/graphic designer by coming up with ways to move being 'green' from a trend to a way of life for everyone.
  • kelsey mcLaughlin

    united States
    i loved the show alot its a shame they toke it off the tv
  • christie prinkey

    i love to help save water earth fire wind heart stop smoking and stop throw trash on earth and stop throw beer can and bottle on ocean and forest please keep earth clean i safe for our health
  • tee major

    i love the teenage mutant ninja turtles, basically any show from the 90s :)
  • Mary Dungan

    I love our planet. I want to take care of Earth to make sure that our future generations will be able to enjoy such beautiful sights as the Grand Canyon, the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and Rockey Mountains. I've always loved Captain Planet and the Planeteers, and I've always wanted to be a Planeteer myself.
  • beau Hawton

    Brisbane - Australia
    I love looking after the planet and helping others out....
  • SK Foysal Alam

    Dhaka, Bangladesh
    I love Captain Planet at my childhood. I want to work for a best planet.
  • Kwame Ampah

    I love captain planet
  • I love bunnies and I enjoy the smell of a spring or fall day at dusk. :D
  • Ivan Harry

    Manila, Philippines
    I love animals. I love my dog Zac. I love dolphins and I condemn crimes related to these amazing creatures. I also collect dolphin-inspired anythings. And oh, I'm a YouTuber. :)
  • i like captain planet!! I am from India, I wish I were Gi, THE POWER OF WATER, SHE IS FROM ASIA AS ME, I don't like the bad villains, they like polluting our nature mother. go captain planet!! THE POWER IS YOURS!!!!!!!!! EARTH! FIRE! WIND! WATER! HEART! GOOOOOOOOOO PLANET
  • I like campaigning.
  • Derrick Klutsey

    Takoradi, Ghana
    I just love natural things......
  • I have the power of Awesome.
  • Dominic Tuttle

    Innisfail Australia
    i have had an interest in recycling since I was very young and first watched Captain Planet on television. I live in a very green part of Australia in the tropical rainforest belt and like to promote preservation of the endangered flora and funa of this area.
  • Seth Pajak

    Atlanta, Ga.
    I have been a volunteer for the Captain Planet Foundation since 2001 doing video work for their events. I strongly support the message of Captain Planet.
  • Chris Shaouni

    Port St Lucie, Florida
    I have alway cared about what affects our enviornment and make sure and do my part to make things better.
  • Becky Broadbent

    Australia, Gold Coast
    I grew up with Captain Planet, and now that I'm studying to become a teacher (almost finished!) I've looked back and seen how truly awesome it is to make being environmentally responsible cool. I learned that it's up to me to make good choices and set good examples, and I hope with the help of Captain Planet I can teach the generations to come that THE POWER IS YOURS!
  • George Romea

    Cebu, Philippines
    I grew up watching the show. It's part of the reason why I'm very passionate about the environment. One of my dreams is to someday make a difference in saving our planet. There are many ways to zealously accomplish this noble task, but a good first step is acquainting yourself with people who have a similar passion. Go planeteers! The power is yours!
  • Tony Brendel

    Winston Salem
    I graduated Brevard College in 2009 with my Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education. Captain Planet may have not been my favorite TV show compared to spider-man or something, but it has impacted my decisions, outlook, and life through what it taught me when I was young!
  • tim dempsey jr.

    dunmore pa usa
  • Adam Bonner

    Columbus, OH, USA
    I care about protecting and preserving our planet. I have started a recycling program at every job I have worked. I help the Captain find local events to attend and recruit new planeteers. I caught this candid pict of Our hero for earth test driving a new Zero Emission fuel cell car. Imagine that driving with out any pollution.
  • Abena Enyimayew

    I believe the environment is at risk and getting worse by the day, if not the minute. This is why when the initiative to start a Planeteer chapter in Ghana came into being I did not hesitate to the bull by the horns. I know that we cannot solve all the problems of the environment but I believe that we can solve the problems in our backyards which will seep into other backyards and eventually cities, towns, regions, nations, countries and the world. The next generation must live in a safe environment.
  • Reko R

    Oldsmar U.S.A.
    I believe in fighting mutants with powers out of this world! except WITH our worlds powers....
  • Timothy Karikari

    Accra, Ghana
    I believe being a planeteer lies within the heart. The little things like advising and educating kids and adults on the dangers of destroying our environment is very key to me. I am a planeteer because, i love my environment, i love the animals that live in it, i respect the rights of these animals and i want to contribute my quota to saving the environments for the next generation.
  • jamie kehoe

    I became an activist because of this show.
  • Roger Simpson

    Austin, Texas
    I am Vice President of KISS Janitorial. I am a Certified Green Consultant & an ISSA Green Cleaning Professional. I am a member of the USGBC, BOMA, IFMA, AAFAME, Austin Eco-Network & GBB.
  • Sally Eklund

    Louisville, United States
    I am very active and outgoing. :) I love this planet Earth and do what I can to save it! I am Eco-Friendly. I am a hardworker; I currently work 3 different jobs. I am a Student. I go to school at a community college and enjoy it thoroughly. :) I LOVE to smile. I am 20 years old with a may birthday; I'm a Taurus:) Most of all, I love to keep myself busy and this planet definitely fits in my schedule no matter what! :)
  • Betsy Holmes

    Pomona, California
    I am the co creator of the planeteer project. And have been since August 2009. I'm 26 years old and attend citrus college. I love making the world a better healthier place.
  • Mike Gardner

    Maple Shade
    I am me. Captain Planet is awesome. I celebrate Earth Day in the best way ever.
  • nura joseph

    i am homely and gentlei am homely and gentlei am homely and gentlei am homely and gentlei am homely and gentlei am homely and gentlei am homely and gentlei am homely and gentlei am homely and gentlei am homely and gentlei am homely and gentlei am homely and gentle
  • Isaac Darryl Raj

    Bangalore, India
    I am Darryl, and am 19 years of age. I live in the best city in the world - Bangalore!!! I usually get high on music, debates and preaching about my Lord! Talking with respect to this place, I am basically NOT into preserving the planet, saving trees and stuff...! I just loved to watch Captain Planet after I returned home from school everyday, and that is what has got me here! I will from now on, do my bit for conserving my planet and upholding the name of our childhood hero, Captain Planet!
  • Tyson Jackson

    Jackson, MS
    I am completely dedicated to making a difference in my community (local, state, nationally, globally). That difference starts with education for myself so I can share with my people. We can do nothing about natural disasters, they have been happening since the beginning of time, but we can correct human error.... The earth is ALIVE!!, it's our responsibility in keeping the earth healthy. I believe in community self sustainability which includes community gardens in urban areas, alternative energy sources that create cooperative community economics, as well as recycling/composting. I think this can be achieved through proper education and action...
  • Andrew Telker

    Roswell, Georgia
    I am an ECO-Designer in Roswell Georgia. I believe in devoting my career toward Sustainable Development & Clean GREEN Solutions. Captain Planet has been a huge INSPIRATION since 1990, allowing me to embrace my ECO-Passions, and pursue change in my Local Community. As a Local Community Activist, and Steward of the Environment, I find it imprtant to challenge yourself daily to Make a Positive Change. --- "The Power is Yours"
  • Nick Anderson

    Atlanta, USA
    I am an Atlanta-based film/video major at Georgia State University. I serve as Georgia State Television's (GSTV) Program Director, where I produce various television shows and films. I grew up watching Captain Plantet and am proud to be able to air it on GSTV. I am excited to participate in the Planeteer Movement and spread the word.
  • joshua sackey

    I am a very cool nice and a simple person
  • Suzanne French

    Houston, TX, USA
    I am a Tulane Law and London School of Economic graduate and have worked in a variety of industries doing legal and accounting consulting. I believe in the values and mission of Captain Planet and think that through all of our efforts, we can make this world a better place.
  • Gaurav Jain

    Delhi, India
    I am a Student Pursing graduation in BBA(MOM)..............I want to be a Planeteer
  • Harriet Global

    Norman, OK
    I am a planteer because not only do I care for the environment. But, I care for people and animals. I like to volunteer my time at places like animal shelters. I also hope to become a vet.
  • George Monroe

    Chumanha, Nebraska
    I am a planeteer of Justice and control the element of Carbon to poison all those who attack the environment.
  • Australia
    I am a performer who is interested in inclusive arts and how this can be linked to social justice and public policy for sustainability. I am also currently an undergraduate student studying International Development Please join my facebook page to stay informed of my journey! Please share with me any insights that you may have on these topics too xxx
  • Matt Riddle

    Memphis, TN USA
    I am a long time Planeteer and have been fighting for the voiceless since I was a wee little lad :) I forced my parents to recycle when it was NOT common and am very thankful for them. In my daily routine, there isn't an hour that goes by where I think to myself... "If Captain Planet or the Planeteers saw me do that, they would be disappointed!" As an artist, I'm learning to spread my newest pair of wings and soon share a message though my artwork to help people feel the pain of my planet, and the peaceful respect it deserves, that in turn will bring us happiness ♥ The POWER IS YOURS .·~*
  • kartee manu

    tamil nadu,india
    i am a green lover nd i love planting plant siblings....nd nothing more spl abt me.....
  • brandie vest

    greene ny
    i am a fan of captain planet and i am 24 years old and i like to be a planeteer i have blue eyes and brown hair and i am 5'2" tall my favorite character is linka.
  • Steven Shapiro

    Atlanta, USA
    I am a detail-oriented, hard working, funny, tech-savvy, green geek seeking challenges to overcome. I see obstacles as an opportunity to deliver the impossible.
  • Aomi Armster

    Los Angeles, USA
    I am a 25 year old Angsty Artist. I strive to learn and better myself along with those around me. Spreading the good health of mind, body, and planet. Light. Love. Peace. I've been crawling around the internet since 1994. My main handles are youkai-hime and AomiArmster. I use AomiArmster the most and is the namesake of one of my characters I've made for art and stories. I have even made Aomi Armster dolls. Aomi Armster is a shape-shifting shadow demon. My hobbies are; drawing, music ( I play the piano), writing, martial arts(Hapkido), video games, and studying ( I love to learn). I Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.
  • Fatima Ahmed

    I am 19, a final year Engineering student, a researcher, debater, orator, and a part time poet. I love nature and have attended various forums and workshops; and volunteered for community service. This is definitely the place for me! =)
  • Misty Cole

    Dodge City, USA
    I am 16 and willing to save the world from pollution. I am a Senior in Girl Scouts and a Sophomore in High School. For fun I play piano, guitar, trap set, and I like making projects to make the world a better place.
  • Micah Carr

    Union City, US
    I always wanted to help the earth in many ways.
  • Veselina Stamatova

    Humans follow the Earth. If there is no Planet Earth, there is no life there. First, I respect our dear Planet. It is Home, and it is so gorgeous! It works in the most intricate of mysteries, simple - but deepening as you go on. We will never grasp the full amazement of our Planet. It is beyond any measure. Second, humans litter. No matter where you go, we have left our mark. The simple fact is that because of it, our Planet Earth, it is because of her(yes, I'll call it a her ^_^) you are here, alive, and breathing. Third, Environmental awareness needs awareness. Things are getting worse before they get better. More forests cut down, digging for coal. Moving mountains by blowing up their peaks. Shifting rivers. Polluting our oceans and seas. Driving animal life to extinction. Corrupting ourselves with governments, jobs that lead to stress, lives that are shifting in a unknown robotic stage. Have you asked yourself the question lately - Who are you? Are you who you want to be? Are you happy? Well, I'll tell you what I want. WORLD PEACE! Seriously. And that begins with lots of Love. Self respect naturally guides to respecting another being. Gratitude towards each day leads to simple joy that can last all day. Life is too precious not to be respected. What a marvelous world we live in. And I am here to clean it up. One cigarette bud handful at a time!
  • Simon Fellmann

    Vienna, Austria
    High...let's see how to explain myself best. I've lived out there in space, in the galaxy Nemesis or M81 like it's called I'm here, trapped in a human body. I seen many human civilizations, but most of them overcome their differences and work together. Sure, we have over 200 different cultures and many subspecies living here, so this Task may seems a little unrealistic here... But, there are ways and for us it would be to give up the money worldwide and follow the F.o.G.(Federation of Galaxies). I've seen that civilation which Gene Roddenbarry made his Star Trek of...and they had 140 cultures left, after thier World War III. Our Technologie is so far, that one single Nuklear Rocked could wipe out the intier planet in the following nuklear winter! So if we don't do something fast, one nation may start one of this rockets. Not finished yet, but soon...
  • Saif Khan

    Islamabad, Pakistan
    Hi to u. I am Saif Khan from Islamabad Pakistan too. Interest to build a true and sweet relationship of friendship with u now. Me waiting for ur sweet and naughty reply from u.
  • Dave Smartt

    Sydney, Australia
    Hi there :-) I'm Dave. I'm not "normal". Far from it. So far from it in fact, that I have no idea of what it's like to be "normal". Though I a a m a Planeteer because I believe in a world that takes care of its environment & responds to environmental problems. Plus I love Captain Planet <3
  • Tiki Curnow

    Nagoya 名古屋市
    Hi I'm an Australian, an arts student majoring in Sociology and Japanese. At the moment I'm on exchange in Nagoya Japan. It is amazing seeing a culture through new eyes. It makes me examine both Japanese and my own society in a new light. Keep fighting the good fight!
  • courtnie kidd

    atlanta, united states
    Hi all! I'm an environmentalist, vegan, and a sustainable designer! :-)
  • AdamUPNow
    Los Angeles, CA
    Hey Internets! I'm like you but weirder. All around Internet dude/Geek. I'm on the Youtubes and Twitter.

  • Mia Ferrante

    Carmel Valley, CA, USA
    Hello everyone, I am Mia Ferrante, I attend Monterey Peninsula College, and was born in the Monterey area. I do everything in my power to get my area to recycle and reserve energy by promoting safe efficient ways to drive cars. I also donate to the conservation of the forests around my area, I may be just one 20 year old, but my friends and I do our best to keep the area clean.
  • Emily Davis

    United States
    head of a pack of wolves
  • Lisa Bryant

    Melbourne, Australia
    Having completed a BSc with a major in Zoology along with a Cert IV in Animal Technology my focus has largely been on the conservation, care and rights of animals, both domestic and wild. Now working towards a career in education I aim to raise awareness to our future Planeteers in protecting our environment and the life it supports. While I always had an ambition to become a scientist Captain Planet played a significant role in my interest and pursuit of ecological studies.
  • Lakshmikanth Raju

    Shimoga, India
    Green Man :)
  • Danielle Russell

    Milwaukee, WI, USA
    Goooooo Planet! I'd like to help start a chapter in the Milwaukee, WI area!
  • Charlie Fish

    England, London
    Gonna take pollution down to zero. Go planet!!!!!!
  • Ansley Colby

    GivingPoint is a nationwide community-based youth development organization that inspires a passion for learning and service through cutting edge technology resources, virtual educational modules, and hands-on volunteer opportunities. GivingPoint was created to equip youth with an Internet platform that encourages collaboration, interaction and creativity. With a support network of peers, businesses, schools, and nonprofits, we are harnessing the passions and energy of young people to create a better world.
  • Brandon Sutton

    Atlanta, Ga
    Fun-loving & inquisitive student of life, global change agent, tree-hugging believer in the seemingly impossible, World citizen, & avowed enemy of status quo.
  • Brandon Sutton

    Fun-loving & inquisitive student of life, global change agent, tree-hugging believer in the seemingly impossible, World citizen, & avowed enemy of status quo.
  • Thuto Huma

    South Africa, Gauteng
    Fun and enjoy being with people, especially new people in my life.
  • Lisa Dixon

    Atlanta, GA
    For starters, my family moved a lot when I was very young. My dad still works internationally and my mom had been a social worker before she had kids. So Captain Planet already fit into their worldview. It's basically the Golden Rule- Treat others (the environment included) how you want to be treated. I currently work for an environmental testing lab, and feel that conservation is critical.
  • Brian Stafki

    Olympia, WA USA
    Field Biologist Environmental Educator Naturalist Program Coordinator Education Director Volunteer Coordinator SCA High School Crew Leader Outreach Coordinator
  • Kaushal Karkhanis

    Mumbai, India
    Epicurean, polyglot web designer & entrepreneur who loves to hop cities.
  • Jah Mojahje

    Ecology Planeteer in to save the world,thank you.
  • Adrian Arellano

    H-town, US of A
    Earth is supreme overlord of this and any other solar I right? Each time i see pollution, I make a Native American cry. I do my part by not messing with Texas.
  • Ben Ballard

    Bardstown, Kentucky, United States, North America, Earth, Milky Way
    Captain Planet, he's our hero. Gonna take pollution down to zero!
  • Rebecca Mahar

    Mackay, Australia
    Captain Planet was definitely my favourite show as a kid, as was the movie Fern Gully both of which gave me a positive attitude growing up towards our environment and how we need to preserve it. I recycyle. I regularly sign petitions regarding the environment and animal rights. I make regular donations to non profit organisations that support the environment and animal rights. I believe the increase in major natural disasters is the planets way of telling us we are damaging it. I believe in the impossible. I also believe that one person can make a difference :)
  • Dylan Fick

    Born: Trenton, NJ Raised: Destin, FL Finished Secondary School: Tennessee College: New College of Florida Activities: Tennis, Writing, Reading, Being Awesome Interests: Anthropology, Law, The Environment, Writing, Literature, Kayaking
  • Sam Vereb

    Bardstown, KY
    Born in the 80s child of the 90s. Teacher, Hairdresser, Baker. Dog-lover, Volunteer, Planeteer. Let's save the world. <3 =] Check out my blog: Website:
  • Alex Cuellar

    Born in 1992, I've always been kind of angry at people over the world tha think that this planet is for them to do whatever they want without taking consequences into consideration. I want to help this world be a better place, ecologically and socially
  • William Kurtek

    Minersville, USA
    Blogger who blogs about vegan stuff, yoga, chi gong and loves the message of Captain Planet and after seeing references to it really started to think how we need cartoons like this one again.
  • Brandon Worthy

    Birthday: March 16th,1995. School: Paul M. Dorman High School. Love watching football,basketball,and pro wrestling. Currently training to become a pro wrestler. Huge fan of conscious hip hop
  • cholo gabisan

    Cebu, Philippines
    big captain planet fan
  • Cindy Narine

    Being a First Generation American and growing up watching Captain Planet, I was given the opportunity of insight in local and foreign issues. Recycling, creating less waste, increasing the use of natural products and even promoting political ideas such as voting and writing letters to companies and congressmen and women are some of the ideas that were taught to me at a young age. If this is the baseline for everyone in our generations, we can progress further in all aspects of society, creating a healthier and happier tomorrow.
  • Felicia Wetzig

    Akron, Ohio
    As a tribute to our teamwork, this Planeteer profile is collectively maintained by the Akron, OH Planeteers. Currently our authors and administrators include Felicia Wetzig, Darla Craiglow, and Paul Wetzig. We are Planeteers because we care about what happens to the environment and all of us living creatures who have to share it. We believe that educating people, in the manner of Captain Planet, is the first step toward making progress.
  • Robert Pollard

    New York
    An information ecologist and urban gardener / composter I am an Englishman in New York - since 1993 - and a grassroots activist for all of my adult life - with a focus on peace, sustainability / environment, justice, etc. Am presently focused on Rio 2012 and working with floEarth - Free, Libre, Open Earth - and on the critical value of Open Source, Creative Commons and Free Culture as keys to the transition to a sustainable common future.
  • Phil Moss

    A planter for over 20 years since watching the Captain on tv when one of my boys was very young. I do enjoy fast cars but try to offset that by using green transport in the week and cutting down my footprint at home. Less is more, the power is mine!
  • Kristy Duniam

    Caboolture, Australia
    A huge lover of Animals, and being one to want to speak out on their behalf. Even people that cage and abuse animals in circuses, that really brings me down. It feels like every time I see photos and images of things like that, that they are crying, and it makes me want to cry with them. Help me to help them!! If you see someone being cruel or mistreating animals, no matter who they are, and the animal that they are mistreating is in real need of your help, and love, then please help me by helping them!! Speak out, help them to have a voice. No matter what animal it is, house or domestic pet, wildlife, local nature, The cruelty to animals MUST BE STOPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jessica T. Jacobs

    A good deed doer and nature lover. Vegetarian. Capricorn. Neil Young fan. est. 1986.
  • Wenchi, Ghana
    26 years and a big fan of Captain Planet since childhood.