Planeteer Project trip to LA Meetup

On November 3, 2011, in Los Angeles, by AdamUPNow

The Planeteer Project journey to LA meetup on 10/17/11! The video is in multiple parts, so be sure to watch the playlist through to the end, or click to go to the full playlist!

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Captain Planet Season 1 DVD Preview Event

On April 19, 2011, in Los Angeles, by AdamUPNow

Hey there L.A. Planeteers! Saturday was the Captain Planet DVD Season 1 preview event. Here are some videos of what happened.

Planeteer Meetup in LA this Sunday!

On October 13, 2010, in Los Angeles, by Kyle

Hey, L.A. Planeteers! Are you ready to make a difference?

This Sunday (Oct. 17) will be our second meeting in Los Angeles. Series creator Barbara Pyle will be there, along with a slew of Planeteers from around the nation. We’ll be meeting having had lunch first, then heading out to clean up the beach together! This sounds familiar..

Planeteers have been cleaning beaches since "A Hero for Earth"

We’ll meet at the Border Grill (1445 4th St. Santa Monica, CA) at 2 PM and then heading out to the beach at 4. You can RSVP or put it in your Facebook events here.  Can’t wait to see you all there! Go Planet!

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Ed Begley Jr. is a Planeteer

On September 28, 2010, in Los Angeles, by Kyle

Click the picture for a better view!

Hey Planeteers!  Today we’ve got a great little tidbit about Ed Begley, Jr., one of Hollywood’s leading environmentalists.  Ed is notorious for acting and thinking green through recycling, growing food, shopping smart, and using less energy.  Last December, the Captain Planet Foundation honored him as an Eco-Superhero at their yearly gala.  Back in the day, he even lent his voice to the show in the episode, “Sea No Evil!”  So it’s only fitting that with the turn of Captain Planet’s 20th birthday, we’d receive this picture of Ed in a Planeteer shirt.  The Power is Yours, Ed!  Go Planet!

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