Whole Foods “Local Foods” day!

On August 11, 2011, in Atlanta, Chapters, by ThinkGreen

Hello Everyone!

Veselina here,

I work with Whole Foods market in Duluth and I want to share with you our upcoming event! September 17th we will try to implement the feel of an authentic Local Community Farmers Market. Our local vendors will be invited but the fun part is that this is actually more open towards our community! I know that more and more people are doing some house gardening, planting those tomatoes, or fresh herbs. This is open to any small farmer. You may have two or twenty bunches, it doesn’t matter.

This is an open event open to friends and family where the importance of naturally grown and organically grown is highlighted.

We are spreading awareness of the importance of what you actually put into your body. The difference in nutrient content of a conventional apple compared to an organic apple is far too great to dismiss.

This is also very exciting because you just never know what you might see in a farmers market!

If you want to sign up or know of friends or family that would be interested in coming out, let us know. E-mail me at myv3sa@gmail.com.

And don’t forget… its a wonderful day every day that we are here.