Make your Christmas Greener with Orgone!

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Orgone Accumulator

The use of a universal life force energy called chi/ki/prana/ether/orgone etcetra is well known throughout historical cultures of our past. Though that is not true; it was well known during our time too by two U.S. inventor/scientists, one being Willhelm Reich and Karl Hans Welz. Willhelm Reich was a man who came out of the way of Germany, coming to the U.S. hoping he would have the freedom to explore and practice psychology and what would later be called Orgonamy. He found that the blue haze that surrounds the planet is actually an identifiable energy all its own which fluoresces blue in a pure untainted state. He called the energy Orgone, after the energy of the libido. The creation of a box big enough to house a person called an Orgone Accumulator was found instrumental in restoring the libido in both male and female individuals, as well as accelerating the healing of burn wounds. He had created devices which could effect the weather. Eventually this man was put into prison where he later died, and his literary works were burned in a New York incinerator. An introductory video about this man and his achievements can be found here

Later on an Austrian man studied the works of this man and others of this field to come to the U.S. and create a fully automated generator of the orgone energy. This invention was named the Chi-Generator, and could be used to send messages across the Atlantic Ocean. This energy can be used for multiple purposes, and may quickly find its way into your household for its ability to both enhance food and drinks and make them stay fresh longer. Sending the energy to plants makes them grow faster and fuller, make seeds germinate sooner, and fruits and vegetables to mature faster than normal. Now however these machines are not marketed nor claim to have health benefits, those that are familiar with Willhelm Reich’s works know beyond a doubt this orgone energy does drastically help. If you have herbs or other natural remedies, or even alchemical/colloidal solutions, charging it with this energy will make them more effective. The uses for this energy is nearly unlimited. Too good to be true? Take the free test at

Want to see a catalog of these products and their possible uses?
I did not believe such a technology was possible, and for that, instead of discounting it as Alex Jones listeners well know, instead I followed the information from this scientist Karl Hans Welz and sought to disprove him and his technology. I went as far as to create my own generator of orgone energy, with results not even the scientist realized were possible! It’s worth looking into, and will make an excellent Christmas Gift for anyone interested in alternative sciences and technologies.


Captain Planet was always Live Action!

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Captain Planet!!!Here at the last Live Streaming Captain Planet Marathon there was a lot of talk of whether there would be a Captain Planet movie in the making, and who they would want to act as the characters. A few months afterwards we get the official press release saying that there will be a live action Captain Planet movie! Perhaps someone influencial was watching at the marathon? In any case, the power is yours, as we never grow tired of saying here, because what we are doing is having an effect.

Verminous SkummSpeaking of The Marathon, two of my favorite episodes are Skumm Lord and Missing Linka. The first I have taken as a spoof of sodium fluoridation of water supplies (the main ingredient in many rat poisons and is produced as a byproduct of making fertilizers, only calcium fluoride appears naturally) In Missing Linka you are given the direct impression that when an environmental disaster happens no one in local governments want to do anything about it (or pay for professional cleanup) and it comes down to Planeteers and intelligent, concerned locals to prevent disaster. How this impacted me was that as I grew older and began to learn of these things, I remembered and saw that Captain Planet had been preparing and warning me for it since childhood.

Oil Spill

The BP oil spill in the Gulf is a surefire example of just this type of pollution. The cleanup agent used by BP was called, COREXIT, which makes the oil on the water come together in globules and then sinks down to the bottom of the ocean. In reality this is the same idea behind sweeping dust underneath a rug; it’s still there, but maybe it looks a little better. The people hired to clean up the oil suffered illnesses from the cleanup chemicals, and one person on the Conspiracy Theory: Gulf Oil Spill show claims that it caused brown fluids to drain out of his ears. I also remember seeing in Youtube comments that the second half of the first CP episode was removed starting right after the oil spill, since that is what happens in that episode from drilling. A pertinet Captain Planet episode for this eco-disaster could be related to Season Two’s The Garbage Strikes episode where an experimental refuse eating microbe is stolen by Sly Sludge and is used to make fast cash to solve a trash overfill crisis. Everything seemed ‘ok’ with this quick fix, until it began multiplying and later congealing into a giant monster, eating everything in it’s path, then turning on the people themselves for a snack! Let’s hear some of your stories and favorite episodes! You might just see them in the next marathon if you do.


Raw Food

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Dan McDonald is not seeing golden arches. No, in fact, he is seeing green. Dan McDonald, the “other” Donald, is seeing green, but not from a solid gold toilet seat like “The Donald’s.” Unlike the McDonald’s, he isn’t going to be criticized for malnourishing over-processed synthetic food, and he will not be the next subject on the movie documentary, Super Size Me. No, he is that other man, the raw man, “Dan the Man” (with the master plan!) He reminds us that unlike a certain green muppet, it isn’t quite so hard being green.

Known through YouTube as the Life Regenerator, he has been bringing people a brand new chance at life by detoxing, alkalizing, and regenerating their bodies through wholesome fruits, sprouts, and vegetables. The Confucius of Blending, with a strange resemblance to a certain white Anglican, he is truly the man with a master plan for rejuvenating your life. All puns aside, he is greener than Captain Planet’s mullet, making the juicing power all yours.(Can you dig it?)

Gordon RamsayIf digging into fruits and vegetables isn’t your cup of kale, than maybe you would like a more Ramsay approach. Though he likes his meat and still cooks his food, he may be the next best thing, if you can get past The F Word and his signature rolling face. Gordon knows what fresh tastes like, and you won’t see his kitchen with rotting meats and veggies. The only thing rotten may be his attitude, but you will look past it after you’ve tried his food.

Though he may not be the next Raw Foodist, he explained his stance on the meat industry in this quote, “It’s enough to make anyone turn f–king vegetarian, for God’s sake. And I’ve always sort of knocked vegetarians and vegans for missing out on the most amazing flavour you can get from meat. But you can see why so many people change instantly.”
He also took on the Black Market Shark Fin industry in this quote from Wikipedia;

“In January 2011, while in Costa Rica, Ramsay was doused in petrol and held at gunpoint as he tried to uncover the dark world of illegal shark fin trading for a new TV show. Ramsay stated:

They told me they’d shoot me. At one, I managed to shake off the people keeping us away, ran up some stairs to a rooftop and looked down to see thousands of fins, drying on rooftops for as far as the eye could see. When I got back downstairs, they tipped a barrel of petrol over me. Back at the wharf, there were people pointing rifles at us to stop us filming. A van pulled up and these seedy characters made us stand against a wall. The police came and advised us to leave the country.”

Mike Arnstein, calling himself “The Fruitarian,” is the Flash of raw food, said to often run 100 miles a day, “..just as fast as I can.” What is his view on the necessity of a green diet?
“This is nature’s law and the world has been going in the wrong direction for far too long. This is the future! If humanity is to survive..humans are to continue to exist, they HAVE to come back to nature.”

Returning to nature is more than just what we put out, but what we put in. Juicing is the best, and is a super food for the body, but if your reaction is like Gordon’s, just do your best to eat fresh. The Power is Yours!


CT 2.0

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Pure carbon
Some concerns about the developing carbon taxation are mounting as we have a look at who will be controlling it. We will be paying out our money believing it will be used to prevent pollution while these companies through the government take it and then render them into “carbon credits.” These then will be bought, sold, and traded amongst companies. By the amount of carbon credits a company has will deny or permit how much they can pollute in an area. In one way they are controlling these carbon emissions, and another they are giving LEGAL PERMISSION to pollute, of which is unimaginable to a Planeteer (espescially since he or she will be paying for it). A company with several factories could trade credits from one factory that uses little to no pollution and trade it to another company that makes too much in a densly polluted area so to legally continue to do so. Not only will you pay for this business, but you will be of no lawful authority to tell them differently. In this story from bloomberg it starts out speaking on how this new uprising carbon business can be bought and traded in a marketplace with real money. This in effect allows them to buy, sell, and trade your money, now converted into carbon credits, amongst themselves; a new form of stock market, the carbon market.

In this video it talks all about the potential money and control that could be made off of controlling carbon emissions. What seems odd is that it is a tax on carbon, (of which most things are based upon, even diamonds) and not strictly carbon dioxide nor carbon monoxide made from combustion of fossil fuels.

Though the other fruitful concerns tied to this working legistation is that it will put pressure on automobile founderies to make cars which are more earth friendly and reduce or eliminate carbon monoxide fumes. Here are some videos which talk about cars already invented and known about by brands such as Ford and Toyota Motor Company.

Methane driven:

Water car, no pollution, water emission:

and it is nothing new…

Air powered cars:

Because this is a tax on carbon, some have questioned whether this can be applied to the carbon dioxide which we exhale, developing effectively into a breathing tax now or later down the line. This point delivered here. Another point of interest would be if the emissions from farmland animals (their farts) will be taxed too, this here.If you would like to see more links and videos about how vegetable oil can be used directly into your diesel engines and more, look at the links in the previous CT post under comments marked, My Car Runs On..

The power is ours to stop man-made climate change pollution. Two main ways which the Captain taught us since the 90′s was planting trees and protecting forests, such as in Domes of Doom and many more. It’s not only for the animals, but for all of us that call earth home. The name of the game hasn’t changed, and Mr. Planet continues to lead us into a greener, cleaner future, but beware the second man, Mr. Plunder, who wants to play us and become rich, then dump more pollution on us than thought possible, and do it legally.



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Helping the environment is worth the price, but who can or should put a price on it? It’s wonderful that so many are fired up and are willing to pay hard earned cash to save our once beautifully green towns and cities, but can we trust the government to keep good on their word?

People are promoting the carbon tax stating that this will give governments the power and resources to penalize people and polluting companies for making industry and products while making carbon dioxide emissions to stop or atleast greatly suppress them. It is also suggested that this tax will force both people and industry to start introducing greener technology to prevent global environmental catastrophe. For anyone that may not be aware, when you and other mammals breathe we give off carbon dioxide and take in oxygen all day long.

What is this carbon and how does it work in nature? When things are burned, this gives off carbon dioxide and leaves behind carbon. In the case of car exhaust it gives of carbon monoxide, which is even more hazardous. If you burn up most anything living it turns into pure carbon and ash. Humans are carbon based, as are plants. Pure carbon is also used to save mortally intoxicated people and in carbon filters to purify water for drinking. Ash can be used on gardens to add nitrogen back into the soil, and in slashcut farming they burn off a section of land and plant there for a fortified and enriched soil as observed before when this happened naturally in forest fires started by lightning strikes. This is learning from the natural balance.

After we give off this carbon dioxide, the truly green things, plants and vegetation, take in that carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen to support life. This point of respiration was made prominent in the Captain Planet episode Domes of Doom where a man was legally given control over all of the rainforests. He was crowned a hero and Ma Ti presented him with a wreathe for his head for this heroic act. As he approached him he realized who this was whom took him hostage and then began capping all the rainforests with domes. This man, Mr. Plunder, made everyone pay dearly for oxygen just so they could live and not breathe all the pollution made from their cities. At first this man (who turned out to be Mr. Plunder) was crowned as a worldwide hero, and even the Planeteers were rooting for him before they knew who he was and what he would do with this power.

Captain Planet talked about and confirmed about climate change which we hear about, but they also knew about how this respiration cycle worked and how potentially dangerous it would be if it were controlled by any person. I’ve made it a point to bring forth ways of helping the environment while saving your money, but the current idea of carbon taxing will take more money from you. This could cripple you to putting your personal money into environmental efforts of your personal choice. So the real question becomes, can we trust these people to do what they say with our money? Let’s take a look at some examples.

The water car, the air car, and the car that runs on used vegetable oil (how about that for recycling a good meal?) These are facts, already developed technology. So why aren’t we driving around with this installed? Do you really believe these Hoggish Greedilys want us using clean energy? No, in fact, when you do that, you might be taking your life into your own hands, as many times the Planeteers found out at the hands of eco-villains like the Slaughter family. These are documents and video proofs that these governments and car companies which talk green but are really just mean.

With all these examples of who the big money boys who called “GREEN” are, I am not so certain that their credit scores are deserving of such a loan. The choice is yours, and as the Captain says, The POWER is YOURS!

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Lessons from the Captain

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Lesson # 3 Waves of Justice


Water is the most powerful solvent there is. It is everywhere, it can be nurturing or devastating, and very easily corrupted. In a Biblical story, the entire world was cleansed through water because of the people’s corrupt justice. The Japanese kanji, Gi, means justice. As we know, Gi was given the power of water. Justice is like a flowing river, easily corrupted, but anyone who challenges it may likely drown under its powerful current. Water sustains us and keeps us alive, however corrupted water, just like corrupt justice, poisons us, makes us sick (both mentally and physically) and ends in plague and disease. As you might imagine already, water is very important, and with the majority of our bodies being water, just think about how easily it can be purified and flushed out, or at the same rate made poisonous and stagnant?

Perhaps there are special qualities of water, beyond just chemical treatments (nothing near natural and almost always not nature friendly.) Maybe there is something more to this swirling blue element, something more animated. In the following videos you will learn about Gi’s favorite element and the many unusual qualities of it, things which will revolutionize how we view and use water.


A shining past and a bright future

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Solar cooking is nothing new on planet earth.  Earlier man could have cooked and baked some foods on rich colored rocks given enough time. Today in some places during the summer you can literally fry an egg on the side of a blacktop road, but there are much better (and more sanitary) ways of doing this now. It is said that Archimedes burned incoming invading ships with reflective pans, and with today’s resources we can use it to burn through solid metal and vitrify clay with nothing but a recycled satellite dish that nobody wanted. Though perhaps more practical is cooking with it, causing no waste, drawing no electricity, burning no gas and making no smoke. What better way to do the three R’s (reduce, re-use, recycle) that the Captain taught us AND save money in the process? Many third-world countries are already tapping into the sun, so what is our excuse?

Making a solar cooker can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be.  My first solar cooker was a fiberglass satellite dish pasted with cuttings from a reflective wilderness safety blanket and it heated up to 600 degrees at the focal point on a near setting sun. With a small well designed parabolic dish you could boil water ontop of Mt. Everest. When concentrated light hits a dark colored object it heats up, a dull black surface being the ideal. A black colored pan with a lid is good to start with, and a smaller black pot inside a bigger glass pot is best (a breeze will cool down the pan otherwise). Using black cast iron pots and pans may work exceptionally well, and they naturally leech some iron into the food. The hardest part is mounting the pot in the focal point then learning to track the sun and to adjust it for the right temperature. If you have no black pans you can use a natural resin or glue and mix it with crushed charcoal then smear it on the sides. The resin or glue will burn off leaving the black finish (if you use glue, please use a non-toxic one). My current solar cooker is a dishtv metal parabolic dish which I have sanded the face to a shine. To prevent rust I polished to a high finish and used a coating of linseed oil when storing.

The sun is powerful, and when you use the cooker you need to wear eye protection. Sun glasses are a must, but welding goggles are better. Remember, dark colors get hot quick, so the more tan you have to begin with the hotter it will get on your arm when you mess with the pot or pan. You may want to wear a white sleeve shirt or jacket while operating one. When not in use the cooker should be covered up with a white cover or put face down so it can’t shine.

You might even be able to take the little mirrors off old disco balls and repaste them to make a powerful solar oven (talk about retrofitting!) Use your planet conserving imagination and begin cooking at the speed of light. Ol’ Cap would approve.


With more than a thousand people sick from E Coli on their vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce)  in Europe, it may be time to put some scrutiny on our vegetable and fruit sources. First of all we should find out just what exactly is this type of E. coli making them sick,  what it is in general,  how it makes us sick, and how to avoid contaminated foods and beverages containing it.

Escherichia coli (E. coli) are members of a large group of bacterial germs that inhabit the intestinal tract of humans and other warm-blooded animals (mammals, birds) The E. coli serotypes that are responsible for the numerous reports of outbreaks traced to the consumption of contaminated foods and beverages are those that produce Shiga toxin (Stx) It is important to remember that most kinds of E. coli bacteria do not cause disease in humans, indeed, some are beneficial, and some cause infections other than gastrointestinal infections, such as urinary tract infections.   Shiga toxin is one of the most potent toxins known to man, so much so that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lists it as a potential bioterrorist agent (CDC, n.d.).  It seems likely that DNA from Shiga toxin-producing Shigella bacteria was transferred by a bacteriophage (a virus that infects bacteria) to otherwise harmless E. coli bacteria, thereby providing them with the genetic material to produce Shiga toxin.

A new, never before seen strain of E. coli reponsible for the current situation in Europe is called E. coli O104 of which complications can result in failure of the kidneys and central nervous system.  This strain is centered out of Germany. For a full list of symptoms of E. coli and how to avoid getting it look at the source below. When massive food contamination happens, it is hard to figure out who is selling the contaminated food and how to track it. It is hard to convict any farm of poor food handling and many can die and be hospitalized without any justice for this indirect form of mass poisoning. It is a sickening reality that much of todays food is dealt out through giant industrialised farms and ranches. The animals are often confined to small spaces and injected with various growth hormones and vaccines that don’t magically disappear when you put your lettuce and tomatoe on it (hopefully properly handled.)

As Planeteers we learned that animal abuse is wrong, and that we are as much a part of nature as any animal and shouldn’t suffer ourselves to eat and drink contaminated food and water. If we are down for the count and severly hospitalized, then who will take care of our earth? So lets promote farming and ranching the right way, and let us not promote want-to-be Dr. Blights in Mad Science of our food cultures. Remember, we are the ones promoting this research and contamination by buying their products. The power to stop food contamination is ours!


Lessons from the Captain

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Lesson #Two: Global warming is real.

It is completely irrefutable that global warming is taking place, though the ones causing it are also the ones saying they are preventing it. It was not until any real concern was broadcasted about global warming that the type of climate change we fear started to churn. After finding out just how concious people were becoming to the pollution of the time, the same calibre of eco-villain as made infamous on Captain Planet shows made ways to capitalize on this too. Even worse they found they could promote something as an “eco-friendly” alternative which just changed one concern for a different one. The less informed planeteer could easily be swayed into buying their products thinking they were doing good, being convinced immediatley after reading the “green” slogan on the package without asking too many questions. Though these spiral CFL bulbs are said to last longer and use much less energy, just one contains enough mercury to contaminate an estimated 6,000 gallons of water beyond safe drinking levels*. Karl Hans Welz, inventor of the Chi Generator, likes to call these bulbs “cancer coils” and producers of DOR. Keep in mind some climate change is part of a natural planetary cycle, and some of it is being caused by man-made pollution, though there will never be as much pollution now as will be made as some of the measures proposed to combat global warming**. You see, they took over a theme and movement and warped it into something that would make this statement true, “We MUST change the planet to stop climate change while poisoning the earth.”

What we can do instead is buy LED lightbulbs, which have no mercury and use less energy than incandescent, and do just what the Captain said by the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. A perfectly suitable alternative energy system already exists, and more alternatives are already used in developing countries.

Though we may be very well tempted to, we shouldn’t lash out at this misdirection. As said before, it is for the planeteers of our earth to take care of it to the best of their resources and within their legal means. Remember, Captain Planet never physically beat any of the eco-villains, though he easily could have. He instead gave them up to the proper government authorities, even when they resurfaced later on to cause more grief.  When there was an eco-emergency, at that time the planeteers got together to thwart it there and then, and stood on call till the next one appeared. What they did not do is go to Hoggish Greedily’s house and tepee it, nor intimidate the people into sabotaging or demolishing Dr. Blight mechanations on sight.  The Planeteers didn’t fear-monger, they gave the facts and the solutions to stop pollution, and so should you being one of the elite special forces of Mother Earth.  Remember these things the next time you hear “Go GREEN” on anything, because the one that said it might be Mr. Plunder with a mask on.


Lessons from the Captain

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Lesson #One: The Power is Yours!

Don’t wait on anyone to clean up your own environment. Start with your house and backyard, then your neighborhood, your school, church, your city, and from there on. Gather together likeminded inviduals, post on your blog,  share the Captain with your nieces, nephews, children, anyone you can. Buy the Captain Planet DVD set and donate it to a daycare, children school, anywhere they will make good use of it. You can’t wait for nor depend on any orgonization to take care of this for you. If they were doing it, then there would be nothing to clean up nor recycle left.

The planeteers didn’t wait on legislation to force people to recycle and conserve, they did it themself and taught through example. When people begin to see you sporting your rings and Planeteer shirts out in the open cleaning up trash and recycling, they will take notice. If they don’t recognize the symbols I gurantee you someone will ask you what you are doing and why eventually, then tell them with pride. Everyone benefits from  a cleaner earth, and what better day than on this coming Earth day.  If you can you should show the world you are a Planeteer and get out there and pick up around you city. In elementary school I remember the school teachers leading us out and cleaning up trash for this day (also my birthday) and that was mandatory observance for Earth day (and they weren’t even representing the Captain!) What are you waiting for!? Get out there and prove that The Power {is still} Yours!