Local Planeteers Breathe New Life into Neighborhood

On November 29, 2010, in Atlanta, by Durrell

Preserving the planet is one of the sole responsibilities of a planeteer. Just like you and I, the Earth is a living organism. Many people seem to forget that, however, and continue to mistreat the Earth through various forms of abuse. Fortunately, Planeteers were created to counter these looters and polluters and restore beauty in places where it has been destroyed. That was the mission a few days ago when myself and fellow planeteers Brandon and Dorian decided to breathe new life in a residential neighborhood in Douglasville, Georgia by planting trees.

This is but only one of many revitalization attempts from your wandering Planeteer. Until next time, the power is yours!


Aug 27th Planeteer Meeting

On August 29, 2010, in Atlanta, by Durrell

The August 27th meeting of the Planeteers kicked off in full swing last Friday. The first order of buissness was getting our costumes designed for the Dragon Con parade. This included selecting our planeteer rings (which were quarried so no harm was done to the environment) and painting custom made Planeteer t-shirts. After a hearty lunch, we planned out future C.P.F. events which included…

-9/4/2010-Dragon Con Parade

-9/7/2010- Captain Planet Day Mayor Proclamation

-9/15/2010- Captain Planet’s 20th Birthday Bash

-9/25/2010- Atlanta Eco Life Celebration

With the hard work done, we immortalized the experience with a photograph.

Until next time Planeteers, the power is yours!

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