Captain Planet was always Live Action!

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Captain Planet!!!Here at the last Live Streaming Captain Planet Marathon there was a lot of talk of whether there would be a Captain Planet movie in the making, and who they would want to act as the characters. A few months afterwards we get the official press release saying that there will be a live action Captain Planet movie! Perhaps someone influencial was watching at the marathon? In any case, the power is yours, as we never grow tired of saying here, because what we are doing is having an effect.

Verminous SkummSpeaking of The Marathon, two of my favorite episodes are Skumm Lord and Missing Linka. The first I have taken as a spoof of sodium fluoridation of water supplies (the main ingredient in many rat poisons and is produced as a byproduct of making fertilizers, only calcium fluoride appears naturally) In Missing Linka you are given the direct impression that when an environmental disaster happens no one in local governments want to do anything about it (or pay for professional cleanup) and it comes down to Planeteers and intelligent, concerned locals to prevent disaster. How this impacted me was that as I grew older and began to learn of these things, I remembered and saw that Captain Planet had been preparing and warning me for it since childhood.

Oil Spill

The BP oil spill in the Gulf is a surefire example of just this type of pollution. The cleanup agent used by BP was called, COREXIT, which makes the oil on the water come together in globules and then sinks down to the bottom of the ocean. In reality this is the same idea behind sweeping dust underneath a rug; it’s still there, but maybe it looks a little better. The people hired to clean up the oil suffered illnesses from the cleanup chemicals, and one person on the Conspiracy Theory: Gulf Oil Spill show claims that it caused brown fluids to drain out of his ears. I also remember seeing in Youtube comments that the second half of the first CP episode was removed starting right after the oil spill, since that is what happens in that episode from drilling. A pertinet Captain Planet episode for this eco-disaster could be related to Season Two’s The Garbage Strikes episode where an experimental refuse eating microbe is stolen by Sly Sludge and is used to make fast cash to solve a trash overfill crisis. Everything seemed ‘ok’ with this quick fix, until it began multiplying and later congealing into a giant monster, eating everything in it’s path, then turning on the people themselves for a snack! Let’s hear some of your stories and favorite episodes! You might just see them in the next marathon if you do.


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  1. Jac says:

    Another great episode of Captain Planet where we were warned of today’s crisis is Don’t Drink the Water. In this episode the polluter villains team together in a “water (pollution) syndicate” where they divert all the worlds drinkable water to themselves to sell as bottled water while making the earth natural streams and water reservoirs so toxic they burn like acid. TPIY!

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