We’re Almost to 500,000!

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Only 1,000 fans to go to reach 500,000 fans of Captain Planet on Facebook.  That’s incredible!  You, the fans of Captain Planet, have made so much possible through your dedication!  Without the fans, there’d be no Planeteer Movement!

To celebrate the milestone, the Planeteer Movement held simultaneous pizza parties in multiple global locations this past weekend.  The always-astonishing Ghana Planeteers joined in early for a Friday event, and Barbara Pyle and I traveled to California to meet with the Los Angeles Planeteers.

The only litter we like is alliteration.

Central to the event was a Twitter Party that I was lucky enough to be able to moderate.  I had hosted the Twitter party during the DVD launch party a year ago, and jumped at the chance to get to do it again.  We gave out tons of cool prizes as rewards for trivia winners, and I got to interact with hundreds of Planeteers online who posted thousands of messages during the hour.  It was really cool to see so many Planeteer Networks chime in from their official Twitter accounts, and the Ian Somerhalder Foundation joined in with us as well!

We held the event at Bruno’s in Santa Monica, right next to the Loew’s Hotel where many a working session for Captain Planet took place back in the ’90s.  And organizing the whole thing was Alison Hill of CurrentPR, who I have to say did a fantastic job!

Before the party, Ed Begley, Jr. stopped by to take a little bike ride with Cap.  Soon afterwards, the Planeteer Project showed up, followed by Kath Soucie, who voiced Linka on the series!  Efren Ramirez, who played Ma-Ti in the recent Don Cheadle spoof, showed up and was very enthusiastic about how he watched the show growing up, and that we are all responsible for taking care of the planet.

From left to right: Efren Ramirez (Napoleon Dynamite), Kath Soucie (Captain Planet and the Planeteers) and Captain Planet himself demonstrated that “The Power is Yours!” to save the environment during an event for the Planeteer Movement in Santa Monica.

Since we’re so close to 500,000 on Facebook, Barbara Pyle announced that she will be giving away a prize pack from her personal collection of Captain Planet goodies.  The person to be the 500,000th Planeteer on Facebook will win big!  But we’re not planning to stop at 500,000.  There are millions of Planeteers out there yet to be connected through the Planeteer Movement – so encourage your friends to join, and start a Network in your area to meet people with similar passions!

Going to California and meeting the LA Planeteers and the stars from the show was a huge source of inspiration.  I can’t wait ’til we hit one million to do it all over again – and thank you so much to everyone who made this event happen!

We’ll have more great pictures from the event once we hit the 500K mark.  You can read the official press release for the event here, and there’s a great interview with Barbara from after the event here..  Please share!  The Power Is Yours!


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    I’m not aloud to have Facebook until I’m 18, but when I’m aloud to I will join you on Facebook. I Promise You That!

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