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Captain Planet Foundation

The mission of the Captain Planet Foundation is to inspire and support 
hands-on, environmental projects for children and youth all around the 

The objective is to encourage innovative programs that empower
children and youth to work individually and collectively to solve the
myriad of environmental problems in their neighborhoods and
communities. Through high quality and experiential education, we believe children can achieve a better understanding and
appreciation for the world in which they live.

What do we do?

In 2009, CPF funded 76 hands-on, environmental education projects. Grantees recycled over 12 tons of waste, originally bound for
overcrowded landfills. They established 34 outdoor classrooms and
organic gardens including pollinator gardens, native habitats, fruit,
herb and vegetable gardens. Grantees restored over 13 acres of
land with organized clean-ups, removal of invasive species and restoring
native flora. The work of the 2009 grantees spanned across 24 states
and internationally.


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