Who we are

Welcome to Captain Planet @ 20! This website was created by a group of adult Planeteers, inspired by Captain Planet as kids, who want to continue the positive environmental and social messages and work of Captain Planet and the Planeteers. 2010 marks the 20th anniversary of the original series launch in 1990.

We seek to create a global network of adult Planeteers to collaborate both locally and globally, through their own programs and activities or by partnering with others. As Planeteers, we take personal responsibility for creating the world as we know it can be.  As our numbers grow, so will our power.

We celebrate the Captain Planet global community and want to connect with you! Join us on any of the social links above, sign up for our mailing list, add your location to google earth, visit the Planet Blog, or just send us a note.

Our web team includes:

Barbara Pyle

Ian Storrar

Kyle King
Nathan Havey
Suzanne French
Christina Stevens
Kristie Giannetto

Thanks for stopping by, and sign up to get involved! Go Planet!